Southern National Motorsports Park has added bonuses and incentives to their 2014 purses. In the Late Model division, the bonus is $400 if a driver can win both races.


“We’re excited to offer a bonus if someone can sweep twin races this season,” Southern National Motorsports Park promoter Langley Austin said. “We’ve got a lot of twin races for the Late Models this season and this is going to be a strong incentive for drivers to dig deep to win both races.”


If a driver does not sweep twin races and that bonus is not collected, then a bonus of $200 will go to the driver with the best average finish on the night.


“We know that someone isn’t likely to win both races every week, so we wanted to offer a bonus to the most consistent driver of the night too. So if you finish third and second on the night and the winners each finish 5th or worse on the night you’ll get $200 more in your payout for having the best average finish.


“It’s an opportunity for a driver to potentially win $1,600 for twin 50-lap races on a two-tire program. I’m not sure any other track offers that strong of a purse for the amount of money spent. You can win more some places but you’ll spend two to three times what it’ll cost you to race with us. This is a win-win for the local racers.”


The Bonus Program will also be extended to the Charger and U-CAR divisions on nights when they run twin races. Those bonuses are $200 to sweep twin races or $100 for best average finisher.


“We didn’t just want to reward the Late Model guys. We want to put something out there for the Chargers and U-CARs as well when they run twin nights. They’ll be eligible for a $200 bonus if they win both races or $100 to the best average finisher on the night. It’s going to make these nights even bigger for these two divisions.”


“In Chargers that’s a potential $700 to win and in the U-CAR division that makes for a $500 to win potential if someone wins both races. Those drivers and teams mean as much to our racing program as anyone else. Giving them the chance to win some extra cash on top of raising their purses this year has to get them excited about coming to the track.”


The bonuses come on top of the regular purses which were announced last week.


“I hope this gets racers, teams and fans excited about what we’re doing. We’re not trying to be like every other race track. We’re not making promises we can’t keep, we’re just being creative and making the experience at Southern National the best it can be. But, stay tuned because there’s much more we’re going to announce and it’ll be even more to get excited about.”


The new purses will be in effect for the regular season at Southern National Motorsports Park which will start on Saturday, April 11th with the season opening Spring Breakout featuring twin races for the Late Model division.


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