Over the past year, Casey Roderick and Ronnie Sanders Racing have been the most dynamic duo in Pro Late Model racing.  The driver/owner combination has scored victories all over the Southeast, particularly at Alabama’s Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) where they won the 2016 Show Me the Money Series championship.  Roderick’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed by track general manager Stan Narrison, and as a result there will now be more money on the line for the racers trying to beat the Lawrenceville, Georgia driver.


Narrison has decided to celebrate Roderick’s accomplishments and add some fuel to the fire by offering a $500 bounty prize to the first driver who can beat Roderick during the next three “Show Me the Money” 100-lap races.


The bonus would add to an already hefty $4,000 winner’s check which is presented at all events. Racers hoping to beat Roderick will have their first chance at the bounty during the next event on April 22.


“It’s already one of the best paying Pro Late Model series in the Southeast and we thought a little incentive to get a couple more cars in, couple of these guys that are big hitters may help,” Narrison told Speed51.com powered by JEGS. “Casey and Ronnie are really on top of their game right now.  We just want to see if we can bring something old school back and rattle the cage a little bit.”


300x250 Bristol Early BirdThe momentum Roderick built up last season at Montgomery has helped carry the No. 18 team to four PLM wins already in 2017 including the Zack Donatti Memorial at New Smyrna Speedway (FL), SpeedFest at Crisp Motorsports Park (GA), and the Allen Turner Pro Late Model opener at Five Flags Speedway (FL).


A mechanical problem suffered while running up front during the Baby Rattler at South Alabama Speedway has been the only major blemish for the team this season. It is a record that Narrison and many others say is nothing short of impressive.


“Casey is a heck of a race car driver, no question,” Narrison stated.  “Ronnie and his guys have done a great job of preparing that car, plus this year Ronnie has had his hand in more in the shop. It’s tough when somebody has got their act together and is hitting on all cylinders.”


As for Roderick, it’s something he is glad to be a part of and is thankful for the support he has gotten along the way.


“It’s pretty cool. I’m thankful for the success we’ve had this year, but that hasn’t been done in a long time in short track racing, so it’s neat to be a part of,” Roderick said excitedly.


“It’s tough out here.  We race some of the best competition in the country, so to be able to go out every week and run as well as we do, I think is a big statement on our program we got going on right now, and it’s only going to get better.”


One catch to the bounty is that Roderick must be running at the conclusion of the race in order for a challenging driver to claim the bounty in any of the next three events. Narrison is confident that this will only add to the great depth that is in the series.


“The Show Me the Money Series has always been good at attracting all the good racers and with this extra added bonus, I hope we can bring in a few more and give Casey a run for his money,” Narrison explained.


Also, not to dissuade Roderick, Narrison has offered the bounty to the 18 squad, should their domination continue.


“If he wins the next three races he gets the bonus himself, which gives him an incentive to keep digging himself and have some fun.”


Roderick has eagerly accepted the challenge, but feels that the cold arm of competition may be closing in already.


“Hopefully we got a good enough car to do that and I think we will. I’m already working on the car right now to try and get it ready for next weekend,” Roderick said.  “But we got to get a little bit, I feel like Augie (Grill) has got a bit of an edge on us right now, so we got to figure out what he’s doing to be able to run him down, pass him and win the race. If he hadn’t fell out last time out, it would have been tough to get past him for the win. I got a few ideas that Ronnie and I have been talking about, so we’re going try to get the edge on him this next weekend.”


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-By: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com CT, MA & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Montgomery Places a $500 Bounty on Casey Roderick