Berlin Raceway released the entry form for their big pay-out race Monday, June 19th. The one-day Super Late Model show will pay $20,000 to the winner. That along is sure to call plenty of big names looking to pad their pocket books.


The race will be 150 laps; caution laps will count until lap 100. If the event goes green for a lengthy period there will be a competition caution thrown for every 50 green flag laps.


300x250 Berlin 2017.06.1928 drivers will start the event, with each starting spot paying at least a $1,000. Drivers will set the field in a group qualifying format. Positions 1-22 will be locked in from qualifying, 23-26 will transfer in through the Last Chance race, and 27-28 will be a provision of the furthest distance traveled between the competitors. The fastest qualifier will then pull for a 6-15 car invert for the feature.


The top-10 qualifiers through time trials will actually receive a check as well. It will be $2,000 for the fast time, $1,500 for second, $1,200 for third. The tenth place qualifier will still receive $100.


The race will be a six-tire-max race with drivers racing on their qualifying tires and two tires available for anytime during the race. The rules for the event will follow the 2017 ARCA/CRA Super Late Model Rules. The rules can be found here.


The qualifying and feature payout are as follows:


MITB Qualifying Purse- 1)$2,000 2)$1,500 3)$1,200 4)$1,100 5)$750 6)$500 7)$300 8)$200 9)$150 10)$100


MITB Race Purse: $20,000 to Win
2)$10,000: 3)$6,000: 4)$5,000: 5)$3,000: 6)$2,500: 7)$2,300: 8)$2,200: 9)$2,100: 10)$2,000: 11)$1,900: 12)$1,800: 13)$1,700: 14)$1,600: 15)$1,500: 16)$1,400: 17)$1,300: 18)$1,200: 19)$1,100: 20-28)$1,000 to start.


The Entry form for the Money in the Bank 150 can be found on the Berlin Raceway website here. The entry deadline for the race is June 5, 2017 or a $50 late fee will be added to the entry.

Money in the Bank 150 Entry Form Posted for Berlin Raceway