During the closing stages of Sunday afternoon’s $5,000-to-win, 150-lap Late Model Stock Car race at Sophia, North Carolina’s Caraway Speedway, Tommy Lemons Jr. and Myatt Snider tangled while racing for the lead.  Snider went for a spin and Lemons went on to take the win.


Lemons said after the race that Snider’s spin was not what Lemons intended to have happen.  Instead, he meant to move Snider and get underneath him to challenge for the lead.


pfc-anim1Now that 24 hours have passed since the incident, how have things changed?  Would either driver do anything differently?


“Like I said yesterday, I stand behind that 100-percent,” Lemons told Speed51.com powered by JEGS.



“My intention was not to go in there and wreck him.  It was just to move him up the race track.  It just ended up that he got spun out instead of moved up the track.  There was a lot of beating and banging and we were going for the win.”


Snider said he wasn’t sure exactly what happened, but the end result was that he lost out on a win and wasn’t left feeling good about things.


“I got past him on the outside, then he ran into me,” Snider said.  “I don’t know if he overshot the corner or something, but he got into me and spun me out. It’s definitely frustrating.  I think that we had a winning car there that could have won, but that’s racing sometimes.”


Snider continued on to say that whether or not the incident was intentional, he does believe that the result of someone spinning out is a mark of when things have gone too far.


“I think rubbing is racing, but when it gets to spinning somebody out, and I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I don’t think that’s really in the cards so to say,” Snider explained.  “I don’t have a problem with beating and banging, but once you spin somebody out that takes them out of contention for winning the race.”




Lemons and Snider have had their fair share of run-ins in the past, and even though Lemons reiterated that Sunday’s incident was not intentional, those run-ins haven’t been forgotten.


“We’ve always not really seen eye to eye with stuff that has gone on out on the race track,” Lemons said.  “I feel like I’ve been on the bad end of it more than he has.  I feel like if you talked to anybody in Late Model racing they’d know that I’m a clean driver for the most part.  I don’t go out to wreck cars and stuff like that.  I try not to hold it against him too much, but there’s a point where everybody has enough and it just boils over.


“Our on-track stuff has been going on for a couple years.  And it’s not just me.  Everybody understands that I’m a fair racer and I’m going to give everybody as fair of a shot as I can.”


Snider and Lemons never spoke about the incident after the race.  Snider explained that Lemons spoke with his crew chief, Jeff Caudill, and apologized for the incident.


Lemons said he has no plans to talk with Snider about the incident, but he plans to move on and race the way he said he normally would.


“I really don’t plan to talk to him,” he said.  “I just try to let everything go.  I have no idea what they’re thinking in their camp.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s in the past and it happened.  Whatever it may be on their end, I’m done with it, I’m fine with it, and I can live with it.”


When asked how he will race with Lemons in the future, Snider offered a very simple response.


“I’ll race him hard like I always do.”


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

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