Tuesday morning news broke of the creation of yet another Tour-type Modified racing series that is aimed at entering the New England market in the 2018 season. A story on RaceDayCT.com reported that engine builder and former racing official Bobby Carrita along with officials from American Racer are preparing to launch the American Modified Series in the region next season.


This series, should it become active, would become the fifth Tour-type Modified Series in competition in New England along with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, Valenti Modified Racing Series, Northeast Racecars Tri-Track Open Modified Series, and EXIT Reality Modified Touring Series.


The announcement has sparked a multitude of responses from all in the Northeast Modified community including some of the series promotors.


300x250 51 Network 2017(2)Modified Touring Series promotor Gary Knight, like many, is critical of the announcement, and knows that what happens from here will come down to short tracks in the region.


“I think it’s going to hurt it. The true thing is the tracks hold all the dates. I know which dates I have, I’ve confirmed all my dates so far. We’re working on other dates. I think the promoters are the ones that hold it,” Knight told Speed51.com powered by JEGS.


Knight went on to explain that an additional series could dangerously stretch car counts across the region.


“We have roughly 80 Modified teams in the region, we have five series on the table. Where is the room for another series? Everybody is dipping into the same pool now of cars.”


As for the MTS, Knight is not as concerned at the moment.


“We have a contract signed with Hoosier for the next three years for tires, our structure is going to stay the same with the tracks and the teams. I don’t look at this as affecting us at all,” Kinght stated.  “I’m more worried about what can I do for Modified racing, how can we continue to grow in the market then worrying about what someone else is trying to do.”


Modified Racing Series founder and promoter Jack Bateman is also wary of the effect on the region as a whole might be.


“I honestly have no idea what effect it could have. It seems as though that one more series could end up diluting the car counts in all the other series and hopefully it won’t destroy everything we have worked for,” Bateman said.


Bateman is confident that the MRS is also in a strong position going forward no matter what.


“I don’t think it will affect us at all, we got some good solid people, good followers and I don’t think it is going to do much to us.”


Going into 2018, Bateman said that he has already been working hard to increase the number of races and venues on the schedule back to what it was a year or two ago, and that there may be a few surprises to look forward to.


“We’re going to have probably around a 14 to 16 race schedule in 2018, been working on that recently. Had a really good reception from the race tracks.  We’re also talking to race tracks that we have been to in the past and other race tracks we haven’t been to in a long time. There’s interest.”


Tri-Track Open Modified Series promoter Wayne Darling declined to comment on the situation at this time.


-By: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com CT, MA, RI & Long Island Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com/Rick Ibsen

Modified Promoters React to News of Another Touring Series