The state of Connecticut isn’t known for having a wide variety of amusement parks, but on Saturday night SK Modified driver Adam Gada went for the ride of his life.


Gada was involved in scary crash at New London-Waterford Speedbowl that saw his car flip over and land on its roof on top of the outside retaining wall on the fronstretch.  He sat in the car, upside down, for more than 20 minutes while the track safety crew worked to clean up the scene and roll his car back over.


Gada, 24 years old, was okay after the incident and walked away under his own power.  On Monday afternoon, Gada spoke to powered by JEGS about his wild ride.


“From my vantage point there was just a mess coming out of four,” Gada said.  “I was already in the throttle coming out of the corner.  It was just a mess so I stuffed the clutch and the brake in, but it was just too late.  I ended up hitting the nine car (Paul Buzel) which threw me up in the air, but the guys behind me, I don’t know if they ever lifted or anything and they just ran into the back of me which threw me up and launched me to where I ended up.  I just kind of eased and rolled on top of the wall.”


In a YouTube video posted by Sid’s Vault Productions, Gada’s No. 17 Modified appears to hit tires with another car, which catapulted him towards the outside retaining wall.  When he hit the wall the car bounced in the air.  As that took place, cars from behind him stuffed underneath him and rolled Gada’s machine over and onto the wall.


TS Mobile AppGada said the initial contact with the wall happened so fast and was so hard that he almost didn’t feel the impact. However, Gada said he’s feeling the impact now, a couple days later.


“I’m a little sore, but other than that I’m fine.  My knees are a little bruised up and my elbow is a little bruised up, but other than that I’m just fine.”


After every car came to a stop, Gada’s car rested upside down on top of the wall and on top of other crashed race cars.  Gada had to sit in the car upside down until the cleanup crew could roll his car over, because he was unable to make his way out of the car.


“The way the car is in a Modified it’s really tight down in the feet area so I couldn’t really turn to get out,” he said.  “I had to wait until they cleared everyone out until they could roll me over.  I think they said I was upside down for 25 minutes.”


Gada said he stayed calm while waiting inside the car because he knew why it was going to take a while before he’d be able to get out.


“I knew they had to get all the cars out from underneath me,” he said.  “I wasn’t frustrated at all.  I just had to wait it out and for it to be safe so I could get out of the car.  You can’t do much while you’re in there, so you just wait it out.  I just kind of kept in tune with what was going on.  People were coming up and asking me if I was okay and they’d periodically keep me informed.  I was kind of just waiting and hanging around until I got out of the car.”


Unfortunately for Gada, his race car is mostly destroyed.  He said the plan now is to strip the car down to the chassis, get it on the jig at the shop and assess the damage there.  Without having the car on the jig, Gada said he doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks he might be done racing for the season.


“If it’s that bad, we’ll probably have to buy a new race car.”


The Speedbowl has four more race weekends left before the schedule concludes on October 22.


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Sid’s View

Modified Driver Goes for Wild Ride at Waterford Speedbowl