Millbridge Becoming a Home for Next Generation of NASCAR Stars

While the spotlight often shines brightest on the highest levels of racing at Millbridge Speedway, the Micro Sprints and the Open Outlaw Karts, it is also where many young racers get their start in the sport.  This year, many of those new racers have very familiar last names.




With classes like Beginner Box Stocks and now the Cadets at the Salisbury, North Carolina facility, racers as young as five years old can get their first laps of racing.  For example, Caden Kvapil made history at Millbridge Speedway in 2019 by becoming the first driver to win in Beginner Box Stocks, Box Stocks, Intermediates and Open Outlaw Karts as he climbed Millbridge’s ladder.


The first race of the 2021 Winter Series for MillbridgeSpeedway saw several next-generation racers taking part in the Beginner Box Stock class.  Cash Bowyer, Keelan Harvick and Owen Larson all took part in the event to kick off the new season.


Bowyer fared the best out of three sons of Cup racers, finishing eighth after a late pass of Larson.  Unfortunately, mechanical issues prevented Harvick from taking the green flag.


Larson has the most experience of the trio, after running most of the 2020 season in the Beginner Box Stocks.  While he was not there last Saturday, Brexton Busch, son of Kyle Busch, was also a frequent competitor at Millbridge in 2020 and is expected to compete there again in 2021.


Another generation of the Earnhardt racing legacy is also part of the Millbridge Beginner Box Stock scene.  Wyatt Miller, the son of Kelley Earnhardt Miller and L.W. Miller, finished fourth in Saturday’s Beginner Box Stock feature.


Most importantly, the Beginner Box Stock and Box Stock divisions boast healthy car counts of young, aspiring racers.  For last year’s Cook Out Kids’ Night, 25 Box Stocks and 32 Beginner Box Stocks were on hand.


The Winter Series continues Saturday, January 30 at MIllbridge Speedway.  Click here to watch live on Speed51.TV.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo


Millbridge Becoming a Home for Next Generation of NASCAR Stars