Midvale Speedway in Midvale, Ohio announced Saturday that they will be opening their 2018 season under new ownership. John and Kelley Chapman will be the fourth owners in the 65-year history of the speedway.


The 3/10-mile of Midvale Speedway was originally opened in 1953.  It was most recently owned by Randy Smith, who purchased the speedway in 2010.


The Chapman family has been around Midvale Speedway since their first date at the race track in 1980.  John has been involved with the speedway in different aspects and roles for nearly 40 years. However, it was Kelley who had to convince her husband that they should purchase the facility.


300x250-51-network-2017“I wanted this track, I actually talked John into it,” Kelley said during a Facebook Live broadcast on the track’s Facebook page.  “The potential of this property is enormous. Yes, the track is open during the season. There is so much more that can go on all year long. We are going to start small and keep the track going the way it is, but I want to start developing some property and just have some family fun.”


Kelley is ambitious and excited for their new plans going into 2018. The property surrounding Midvale Speedway has a lot of potential for different year-round activities. This was what made the purchase an easy choice for the Chapman family.


“We’re talking concerts, flea markets; Christmas sleigh rides would be beautiful here.”


While John and Kelley both have big ideas for the new steps they are looking to take, they will not forget the main attraction in front of them; the 3/10-mile Midvale Speedway.


Midvale Speedway is held to a high degree of quality as one of the premier racing facilities in Midwest and the state of Ohio.


“It’s so exciting to see new life coming to the speedway, a breath of fresh air. You want Midvale Speedway to be a venue,” Kelley stated.  “This venue being open year-round will definitely attract new marketing partners as well as sponsors because they are getting more advertising with the speedway being open all year-round.


“One of the reasons for the passion in us is we were all fans. So, we have passion for the fans here. We want to put on a great show for the fans.”


John is very motivated to continue to put on the best show possible for the fans and supporters of Midvale Speedway. He knows what it is like to leave feeling satisfied after seeing a great night of racing and he vows to continue to provide quality shows for race fans.  


“One of the things we are so thrilled about is having Chris, Gary and Craig back as our video guys. But we are also passionate about having Chris (Tolloty) in to run our show for us. He has so much integrity here in the racing world. The work he did here at the race track for 25-plus years. This guy has a heart for racing.”


The list of people who will be working for Midvale Speedway once the 2018 season starts to get underway is a long one, but it is composed of some of the most invested people. With a great team assembled, the Chapmans are extremely excited to get their season and ownership tenure started at Midvale Speedway.


For more information on the 2018 season at Midvale Speedway, visit www.midvalespeedway.com.


-By Kendra Adams, Speed51.com Correspondent

-Photo credit: Midvale Speedway

Midvale Speedway Sold; New Owners Ambitious & Excited