It’s being called “The Move of the Year,” “The Save of the Year,” and more. Logan Seavey, a USAC National Midget driver and past winner of the QRC Speed51 Open at Millbridge Speedway, literally rode the fence at Saturday’s USAC National Midget series race at Pennsylvania’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway, also known as “Lanco.”


Yes, you read that correctly. He rode the catch fence to avoid the stopped car of Spencer Bayston who had just spun a couple of seconds earlier.


It’s a move that has taken the racing world by storm, and has even hit the mainstream too.


First, if you have yet to have seen it, check this out (video from SpeedShiftTV):


And now from a different angle from Logan Seavey’s Twitter:


NASCAR driver Kyle Larson was apparently left speechless and offered up some emojis to describe his thoughts.


Bayston, the man stopped on the track, said he was wondering what Seavey was going to do when he saw Seavey’s Keith Kunz Motorsports entry headed towards him.


Sprint Car driver Brian Brown said that he’s done this move on iRacing a couple of times and it’s “easy.” We think he was joking based off of his emoji usage.


Seavey’s Keith Kunz Motorsports teammate, Holly Shelton, tweeted to ESPN’s “SportsCenter” with the hashtag #SCTop10. Apparently, SportsCenter listened.


Zeb Wise went on to win the feature that night, becoming the youngest winner in the history of the USAC National Midgets. Seavey rode the fence all the way to a third-place run that night and tweeted that he wasn’t too thrilled with his night.


Riding the fence to avoid a crash and finishing third is a pretty good night to us. And now that ESPN has seen it, perhaps Seavey might be getting a call to start a new Freestyle Midget X competition at the X Games. We’ll just have to see.


-By Rob Blount, Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo credit: SpeedShiftTV

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