Michigan Track Cancels Friday Racing Due to Extreme Heat

KALAMAZOO, MI – In the interest of safety for fans and competitors alike, Kalamazoo Speedway officials are canceling the races for Friday, July 19. With heat index temperatures expected to reach or exceed 108 degrees, conditions would be miserable and dangerous not only for fans but also for the teams and drivers.  The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory, which runs into Saturday evening stating, “PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO THE OUTDOOR HEAT COULD BE DANGEROUS……MAKING HEAT EXHAUSTION OR HEAT STOKE POSSIBLE.” One of our main goals each week is to have a clean, safe, fun atmosphere for drivers, spectators and track employees. With the predicted conditions it will not be possible to do that.  Please shoot a text or phone call to anyone that you know who usually comes out to the Zoo and let them know we have cancelled for this Friday. Enjoy your week off and we will see you next Friday, July 26th at 7:30 PM!


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-Kalamazoo Speedway Press Release

Michigan Track Cancels Friday Racing Due to Extreme Heat