KINGSPORT, Tenn. – Defending track champion Ronnie McCarty took the lead on the final restart of the season-opening Food City 175, overcoming highly competitive opposition.


McCarty qualified on the pole position for the 60-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car feature. After an invert of four positions, Zeke Shell and Chad Finchum were on the front row.


Finchum went straight to the lead with the green flag waving, but the caution would wave on lap four when the No. 33 of Rick Pannell spun in Turn 4.


Finchum would regain the lead on the restart, and the caution would wave on lap seven when Billy Light spun in Turn 4 and Robbie Ferguson’s car went up in smoke with an electrical fire.


With the green flag waving, Finchum would regain the lead. The yellow flag would be displayed on lap 13 when David Strong and Mardy Roberts spun in Turns 1 and 2.


On the restart, Finchum and VanDyke would battle for position with Finchum taking the lead on lap 19. VanDyke would come battling back to the inside on lap 20, while Shell came racing in hard on the back bumper of Shell.


The race would remain under green until lap 40 when the caution waved for Pannell and Darin Silver spinning.


Finchum and VanDyke would battle hard on the restart, racing door to door with the green flag waving. Two laps later, the duo continued to battle with VanDyke taking over the lead as Finchum got loose exiting Turn 2.


On lap 51, the yellow flag would be displayed when the No. 33 of Pannell cut a tire in Turn 1.


With the green flag back in the air on the restart, VanDyke would battle with Finchum once again. Finchum would receive hard contact on his rear bumper, pushing him up the track and making way for McCarty and Wayne Hale to slide by.


McCarty would battle up behind VanDyke and began to work on VanDyke’s rear bumper. The two would make contact multiple times with McCarty attempting to root VanDyke out of the way. McCarty would be able to make room on the inside of VanDyke and take over the lead.


McCarty would lead the remaining laps with VanDyke still battling hard from behind. McCarty would cross the finish line and take the first win of the season.


“It feels really good to be back in Victory Lane,” said McCarty. “I hope this kind of luck continues all year.”


In regards to the final restart, McCarty said it was just hard racing.


“I went out there on the track and gave it all I had.”


Mark Christian started on the pole for the 30-lap Modified Street feature.


Jared Broadbent took the lead on the green flag from Christian. The caution would wave on lap four when Sam Hurd and Mark Christian spun in Turns 1 and 2.


Broadbent retook the lead on the restart, but four laps later Royce Peters would race to the lead. A spin by Rusty Clendenin on lap eight would force the caution flag back out.


Three attempts to restart the race would see the yellow flag wave each time. Finally, after the third attempt, Peters regained the lead.


Nick Cole would take the lead from Peters on lap 19. With less than 10 laps remaining, Cole’s No. 63 would begin to smoke and leak fluid onto the racetrack.


Cole would be forced out of the lead with the fluid leaking, placing Peters back up front. Peters would lead the remaining laps for the win.


Pure 4

Jason Ketron and Billy Byington were on the front row for the season’s first 30-lap Pure 4 race.


With the green flag waving, a bad start for John Ketron would create a three-car pileup on the frontstretch.


Byington would take over the lead on the restart, with Billy Ketron sliding into second-place. The caution would wave quickly on lap two when Robert Smith and Tim Young spun in Turn 4 on lap two.


Back under green, Byington would race back to the lead. The caution waved again on lap five when the No. 18 of Levi Cox spun in Turn 2.


Byington would regain the lead on the restart. The caution would wave once again on the 11 when Josh Collins spun in Turn 4.


On the restart, Byington regained the lead but the final yellow flag would be displayed on lap 17.


With the green flag back in the air, Byington would take back over the lead, leading the remaining laps and taking the win.


Billy Duty and David Brown were on the front row for the 30-lap Mod 4 feature. Brown jumped to an early lead on lap one.


On lap five, the race’s first caution would wave on lap five when Dennis Arnold spun in Turn 2. Gobble returned to the lead on the restart.


Kevin Canter, racing through the field, would take over the lead on lap 11.


The caution flag would wave on lap 16 when Chris Amburgey spun in Turn 2. Canter and Gobble would battle on the restart with Canter racing to the lead.


Canter would take the win, his first driving for Rocky Yates.


Joey Sykes dominated the 25-lap Pure Street race. Sykes took over the lead on lap three and never relinquished for his first Pure Street win.


March 25, 2017 – Food City 175 Results

Late Model Stock Car (60 laps):
1. #5 Ronnie McCarty
2. #15 Kres VanDyke
3. #19h Wayne Hale
4. #44 Nate Monteith
5. #19 Chad Finchum
6. #50 Zeke Shell
7. #29 Keith Helton
8. #28 Derek Lane
9. #97 Joshua Gobble
10. #26 Joey Trent
11. #55 Mardy Roberts
12. #32 Nik Williams
13. #12 Darin Silver
14. #8 Billy Light
15. #33 Rick Pannell
16. #53 David Strong
17. #76 Jamie Harrison
18. #15b Kyle Barnes
19. #40 Robbie Ferguson

Modified Street (30 laps):
1. #40 Royce Peters
2. #43 Mark Christian
3. #52 Duke Bare
4. #48 Paul Shull
5. #74 Jared Broadbent
6. #11 Sam Hurd
7. #33 Bruce Crumbley
8. #40c Rusty Clendenin
9. #24 Dennis Deese
10. #17 Kevin Wolfe
11. #89 Dustin Dowell
12. #63 Nick Cole
13. #6 Chris Tunnell
14. #2 Keith McMurray

Pure 4 (30 laps):
1. #11 Billy Byington
2. #26 Billy Ketron
3. #11a Kenny Absher
4. #27 John Ketron
5. #54 Ben Barker
6. #28 Jason Ketron
7. #00 Craig Phelps
8. #4 Kevin Darnell
9. #18g. Levi Cox
10. #47 William Hale
11. #38 Chad Jeffers
12. #40 Paul Stanley
13. #7 Scott Palmer
14. #77 Josh Collins
15. #41 Todd Cross
16. #99r Alexcia Ray
17. #15 Larry Stapleton
18. #99 Bucky Smith
19. #13 Tim Young
20. #13q Richard Quillen
21. #Cody Curtis
22. #14 Jimmy Thomas
23. #84 Michael Blair

Mod 4 (30 laps):
1. #3 Kevin Canter
2. #77 Kirby Gobble
3. #01 Jerry Miller
4. #7 Dennis Arnold
5. #1 Billy Duty
6. #2 Lynn Schaeffer
7. #17 Chris Amburgey
8. #9 Hershell Robinette
9. #7 Jessie Amburgey
10. #88 David Brown

Pure Street (25 laps):
1. #23 Joey Sykes
2. #18 Doug Austin
3. #11 Jamie Meadows
4. #17 Brad Ball
5. #11 Stacey Castle
6. #7 Peter Alley
7. #77 Jay Swecker
8. #37 Chad Worley
9. #67 Bobby Talber
10. #0 Travis Stoots
11. #5 Jay Myers
12. #7 Jeremy Draughn


-Kingsport Speedway Press Release

-Photo Credit: Chad Fletcher

McCarty Takes LMSC Win in Kingsport Season Opener