Maxima Driven to Provide Best Lubricants for Racers

Maxima Racing Oils doesn’t simply provide lubricants for racing teams.  They strive to provide the best possible product to stand up to the rigorous demands of competition, their goal for more than 40 years.


In fact, competition has been part of Maxima’s story since the very beginning, when it was founded by partners Roland Reed and Dick Lechien.


“The company was founded in 1979.  We started out as a powersports company providing racing lubricants,” said Gene Jones, East Coast Sales & Business Development Manager for Maxima.  “It all started with one product called Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil.  The owner and founder of Maxima, Dick Lechien, his son, Ron, was a world-class motocross rider.  They made it a better product because this particular type of castor bean oil was no longer available.  So it all started there, developing that product for racing.  Dick was originally more of an auto guy than a motocross guy, but it started with him and his son.”


Maxima Racing Oils was founded in 1979.  From its very beginning, Maxima has been focused on providing top-notch products for racers.


Since then, Maxima has expanded its offerings to include a wide variety of lubricants, coolants and more for powersport and performance automotive needs.


“He always wanted to get into the automotive side of the business, but due to how popular everything was going with the powersport stuff, that side of the business was never commercialized until 2012.  We were doing products, but it was private-label and development stuff.  In 2012, we commercialized the automotive line because people were asking how do we get this product, where do we get it?


“Engine oils, gear oils, ATFs, a lot of shock fluids, aerosols, power steering fluids, coolants, brake fluids.  It’s a wide array of performance racing products.”


Maxima Racing Oils offers engine oils, gear oils, suspension fluids, power steering fluids, coolants, brake fluids and more.

At every step, Maxima’s focus is providing the best possible product.  For example, Maxima’s engine oils utilize a triple-ester formula, with each ester serving a significant role to increase performance as well as protection for engine parts.


All of Maxima’s engine oils also contain a double-zinc formula.  The first zinc activates at lower temperatures, protecting engines during start-up.  Once the engine warms up, the second zinc activates, again adding to performance and engine protection while in the heat of battle.


“We take a product and start developing it from a need,” explained Jones.  “We don’t look at it as someone else has a product and we need to have it, too.  How do we take this product and make it better?  You can take a product and say, we’ve got to have this quart of oil at this price level.  When you do that, you limit yourself on how good you can make that product because you base it only on price.”


For us, how do we make this product, how do we make it better?  We’ll use the best additives and base oils to make it, then we’ll figure out how to sell it.  We don’t cut corners when developing a product.  It’s got to be better, then we’ll figure out how to make it affordable.


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-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

Maxima Driven to Provide Best Lubricants for Racers