Rockford Speedway recently held a match race at their tight, quarter-mile race track located in Loves Park, Illinois.  The best-of-three match, which consisted of three three-lap races between Super Late Model touring star Ty Majeski and local favorite “Driver X” Jon Reynolds, Jr., thrilled the crowd.


That race garnered attention throughout the country and had many people asking, “Why don’t more race tracks do this?”  It also made the staff at powered by JEGS intrigued to see who some of the top Short Track Racing stars in the country would like to square off against in a one-on-one race.


We decided to take out our cell phones and make phone calls to 30 racers from different regions and disciplines.  What we found out was both interesting and humorous, and we think you’ll enjoy many of the responses.


Take a look at the full list of drivers we asked the question to below and then let us know on our Five Star Race Car Bodies Facebook Feed which two drivers you’d like to see square off in a match race.




Ben Rowe: “If I could have a match race with anybody it would probably have to be Billy Clark. He was one of the best back in the day when I was growing up and I never got a chance to race again him so I think that would be cool.  I’ve got to know him racing with Cassius (Clark) over the past few years so that even adds to it.”


Burt Myers: “Richie Evans.  They say he was the best Modified racer ever.”


C.E. Falk:Kurt Busch.  That guy can drive anything on asphalt and is usually having to make up the extra 20-percent the car is lacking to get it up front.  But when he has a car that is capable of winning he destroys everyone.  Plus he is one of those guys you can put a fender to but not wreck and know it’s gonna come back around, but won’t wreck you.  Most guys can move a guy without absolutely wrecking them.  He can do it and make it seem like you screwed up.”


Chris Simpson: “My brother (Chad Simpson) because there’s nothing better than bragging rights in the family.”


Christian Eckes: “I’d probably say Jeff Fultz back when he ran all-pro just because of the success he had while racing really stout competition.”


A number of drivers that we asked wanted a shot at Kyle Busch. ( photo)

A number of drivers that we asked want a shot at Kyle Busch. ( photo)

Cole Timm: “I would probably have to choose Kyle Busch.  I know a lot of people aren’t fans of his because of his attitude or aggressiveness, but no matter if you like him or not you can’t deny that he’s a wheelman.  He’s been one of my idols since when he first started driving for Hendrick when my dad was working on the 5 team and basically ever since then I have looked up to Kyle and wanted to be like him.”


Dan Fredrickson: “Probably go with Kyle Busch because he is awesome and I have not had many opportunities to race against him lately.  Although fantasy pick would be Joe Shear or Dwain Behrins.  That’s two guys I wish I could have raced against.”


Dennis Schoenfeld: “It would probably have to be someone that has retired or is no longer with us, like Larry Phillips or Dick Trickle because I would love to have a chance to race those guys.”


Derek Thorn: “Well outside the obvious professionals from years past like Earnhardt and Trickle, it would be incredible to go back to the late 1940s and race against my grandpa (Dick) in an old Jolopie on dirt before they converted my home track of Lakeport Speedway to asphalt.


Derrick Ramey would want a shot at his chief rival, Dirt Modified racer Kyle Strickler. ( photo)

Derrick Ramey would want a shot at his chief rival, Dirt Modified racer Kyle Strickler. ( photo)

Derrick Ramey: “It’d probably be Kyle Strickler just because we are always giving each other a hard time and there’s a lot of history between us throughout the years.  We are always racing so hard against each other and we always like beating one another.


Doug Coby: “Probably Kyle Busch. I think he would try to rough me up a little bit and maybe I’d dish it back.”


Dylan Cappello: “I would challenge Jimmie Johnson because I feel he is one of the most dominant drivers in NASCAR history.  It would be legendary to say that I’ve rubbed wheels and squared up with one of the greats in motorsports.”


Eric Holmes: “I would have to say someone like Jimmie Johnson because he is a multiple-time champion in my era of racing and I would like to know if I could beat him.”


Frank Fleming:Richard Petty because he was my hero growing up and it would be cool to race him.”


George Brunnhoelzl, III: “If it is anyone I could ever wish it would be my grandfather, not for the outcome but just because it would be real special.”


Jacob Gomes has never raced against Ty Majeski, but he wants to. (Bruce Nuttleman photo)

Jacob Gomes has never raced against Ty Majeski, but he wants to. (Bruce Nuttleman photo)

Jacob Gomes: “Probably be Ty Majeski because he’s probably the hottest name right now for Super Late Model racing.”


Jonathan Davenport: “I guess it would be Scott (Bloomquist) because you can’t be the best unless you beat the best.  Might even switch cars to make sure I didn’t just have the faster go kart.”


Kaz Grala: “Definitely Kyle Busch because he’s the hottest driver in NASCAR right now, and that of course is my ultimate hope and dream, so maybe I could learn a few things from him in a match.”


Keith Rocco: “TC (Ted Christopher) because we always put on a show racing together.”


Ken Schrader: “Depends on the car and where. I’d like to stack the deck if at all possible. Tony (Stewart) would be the most satisfying to beat in any type of car. You can’t win Mr. Dirt at Lebanon Valley and Sonoma Cup race in the same week without being phenomenal.”


Kenny Wallace: AJ Foyt because he was bigger than life when I grew up as a kid.”


Matt Bowling: “Let’s go with (Dale) Earnhardt. That sounds good. He was a really good driver back in the day obviously. I feel like that would be a fun matchup and I’d learn a lot.  Actually, let me change that up. Let me say Jimmy Hensley. He’s from my home town. He was a really good driver back in the day. I’d probably not beat him though. He was pretty good.”


Matt Sheppard wants to lineup against Hearn, just like he is in this picture. ( Photos)

Matt Sheppard wants to lineup against Brett Hearn, just like he was during last year’s World Finals. ( Photos)

Matt Sheppard:Brett Hearn because to be the best you have to beat the best.”


Mike Rowe: “Ralph Nason and I used to have some battles.  I loved racing with him and he was the best in the business.  We always had good races.  He rooted me out of the way a few times and I rooted him out of the way.  I guess he’d be the one that would be first up.”


Mike Stefanik: “I thought about the question and I’d probably like to have a match race against The Reg (Reggie Ruggiero) simply because I know he would dish out all I could handle but never push me over the cliff, and I think I’d do the same.  I always enjoyed racing him, so I’d say Reg.


Nick Sweet: “I know we race against each other all the time, but Eddie MacDonald. We race him so much that I need to beat him once and while.”


Stewart Friesen:Richie Evans. Both cars would be used up, but the beer would be cold.”


Tommy Lemons, Jr.:Dale Earnhardt Sr. He’s the man. He’ll always be the man.  And in order to be the man you’ve got to beat the man.”


Ted Christopher: “If it was somebody that was a rival I’d probably wreck ’em, right? It wouldn’t be much of a match race.  It’d probably be cool to do it with my brother again and race with my brother (Mike Christopher) because he hasn’t raced in a long time.  I think it’d be cool to do a match race with him.”

Match Race: Drivers Select Their Dream Opponents