Saturday’s Champion Racing Oil Masters of the Pros at beautiful I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, Missouri is building up to be one of the biggest Pro Late Model races in the country.  The race can be seen via an online video stream through on Saturday by clicking here.  Friday night there are 42 Pro Late Models on the ground, 37 of which took to the track Friday for practice.  Here are the Best Lap results from the Friday practice:


1.22Trevor Noles14.474
2.26Travis Braden14.497
3.71Johnny VanDoort14.534
4. 43Justin South14.550
5. 46Cole Williams15.565
6.1Cody Coughlin14.576
7. 20Cole Rouse14.627
8. 15JC Newell14.649
9. 3Brennon Williard14.658
10. 51Brandon Oakley14.667
11.4Quinnton Bear14.695
12.8Hope Hornish14.708
13. 96Jared Thomas14.717
14.114Sterling Marlin14.721
15. 51NStephen Nasse14.723
16. 04Phil Bozell14.724
17.20Jack Dossey III14.739
18. H2Bret Holmes14.746
19.30Joshua James14.755
20. 26Bubba Pollard14.772
21.19Adam Johnson14.784
22. 5Michael Clancy Jr. 14.786
23.28Jack Smith14.802
24. 1Trevor Berry14.829
25.14Chris Davidson14.833
26. 6Matt Wallace14.844
27.23Mandy Chick14.851
28.47Dakota Stroup14.861
29.47Kaleb Allison14.878
30.7Travis Eddy14.922
31. 29Austin Kunert14.928
32.83Andy Bozell14.942
33.55Chuck Barnes Jr. 14.988
34. 5wJosh Woody15.034
35. 21Kevin Zielinski15.237
36.56Jerry Andrews15.279
37.18Casey RoderickTransponder Issue

Masters of the Pros: Friday PLM Practice Results