It’s time for some spring cleaning at Venturini Motorsports.  Over the years, the ARCA Menards Series team has developed into one of the top teams in the series, with more than 50 wins to their credit.  In that time, they’ve also accumulated a lot of parts, pieces, and cars for getting the job done at the race track.


Now, Bill Venturini is ready to find new homes for much of that equipment, looking to make space for new pieces and allow some of the inventory at his disposal to find good use in a new home.


“Big Bill” spoke with Speed51 about the auction, discussing the massive inventory available on March 28-29 at the Venturini Motorsports shop at 571 Pitts School Road in Concord, North Carolina.


“I’ve accumulated a lot of inventory,” Venturini told Speed51.  “Some of it is some rule changes, different configurations ARCA has gone to, some of it’s been changed and is no longer useful in our application. There’s a lot of stuff, like I have a lot of DeWalt Tools, we just upgraded from our 18-volt to our 20-volt. There’s nothing wrong with any of those. Just, we’ve upgraded.  Bought a lot of extra surplus. 


“I have way too much,” Venturini added.  “We’ve got some chassis.  We’ve got so many cars in our inventory now, I’ve got chassis we’re not using. So I’m selling a couple of those.  The actual cars that I’m selling, the old steel-body ones.  In ARCA, we can’t use those anymore.  Just a lot of extra inventory.”


While some of the parts and pieces will be useful to racers of all levels, other items are basic equipment that could be used at any shop or business.


“I changed all my light fixtures in my shop to a different kind of light fixture, so all of those fixtures are here,” Venturini explained.  “There’s nothing bad in the auction; if it was a junk part, I’d throw it away. Doing a little housecleaning. Running out of room, the basic stuff that I don’t think we’re going to use anymore but is totally useful to somebody else.


“I hope some of the Late Model guys, ARCA guys, K&N teams can use it,” Venturini continued.  “A lot of the used parts companies look at the inventory, too.  We’ve got some used clutches, we went from 26 Spline to 29 Spline.  All my 26 Spline clutches – and I think there’s a couple of brand-new ones in the inventory that I’m not using.  Anybody can use that kind of stuff.”


The auction will run two days, Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30.  Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. each day, with the auction beginning at 9:30.  Interested parties will be able to swing by throughout the day on both Thursday and Friday.


“The auction is here on my property, in a 5,000 square foot unit,” said Venturini. “That unit is filled, I think there are 800 lot numbers.  That’s why they’re going two days.  If not, they’d have to go from the morning until 9 or 10 at night.” 


“They’ll probably go from 9:30 to 3 or 4 o’clock,” Venturini continued.  “They’ll probably end it somewhere around there.  They’ll do 400 a day.”


Those interested in the auction and its inventory can find more detailed information at, the home site for MCS Auctions.  The auction listing includes a list of detailed lots available, as well as pictures of much of the inventory.


Venturini added it is free to attend the auction, and he would be happy to let interested parties arrive early to look first-hand at the items available.


“It’s free, you don’t have to pay to come to look,” Venturini said.  “If they want to just come and look to see what we’ve got. Even if someone wants to come a little early to look at the inventory, I’ll let them in to look at it, that’s not a problem.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: MCS Auctions photo

Massive Inventory Available for Racers at Venturini Auction