Midvale Speedway is fortunate to have two great top divisions with its Late Models and Modifieds.  Racing in those classes ranks right up there with any division in the state of Ohio.  However, this past Saturday night, it was all about the Street Stocks and Compacts, two pretty solid classes in their own right.  Each division ran a 40-lap feature for some extra pay in front of another solid crowd.

Mike Martin and his family and crew celebrate the June 7 Midvale Street Stock win.  (Midvale Speedway photo)

Mike Martin and his family and crew celebrate the June 7 Midvale Street Stock win. (Midvale Speedway photo)

13 J.D. Byrider Street Stocks lined up for the 40-lap feature with Cody Collmar and Waylon Orr bringing the field to green.  At the end of lap one, it was the second generation racer, Orr, leading the way with Collmar dropping back.  Veterans Todd Miller and Gary Hoopingarner moved into second and third during the early paces.  A lap five caution stacked the deck for a restart with Dennis Wood in position to move forward.  Wood took over second shortly after the green waved again and set his sights on the leader.  On lap eight, Wood crossed the line ahead of Orr right before the race’s second caution.  During the next short green flag run, Mike Martin moved past Orr to take the second spot.  With ten complete, the next restart would align Wood with Martin on the front row.  Wood, surprising some, pulled back out front with Martin dropping back in line.  Martin got his next stab at Wood on a lap 19 restart.  This time, he would stay alongside and the challenge was a little more serious.  In fact, Martin led laps 19 and 20 before Wood crossed with the advantage on lap 21.  However, going into turn one on the following lap, Wood’s car slid sideways as he tried to regain sole possession of the lead.  The spin resulted in a caution and slated Martin in the number one spot with top qualifier Rick Elkins, Jr. alongside.  Elkins had earlier in the race moved forward but spun with a flat tire and had to pit.  This time, the Waynesburg, Ohio driver was there with a chance to knock Martin off the throne.  With the final 14 laps of the event going caution free, Martin eventually pulled away to a 1+ second lead on Elkins, who was fighting a loose condition.  At the checkered, Martin brought his Canton Car Connection/Shelbi’s Sweets & Treats #6 across the line with his third victory of the season, despite losing his brakes over the final laps.  Elkins took second, Wood finished strong for third, Miller took fourth, and Orr claimed fifth.  The rest of the top ten were Bob Passwaters, Sr., Bob Passwaters, Jr., Collmar, Hoopingarner, and Vince Martin.  Wood won the fast four dash.

Laney Striejewske and Allen Clark brought an 18-car field to the green in the 40-lap Canton Auto Salvage Compact feature.  Clark took the early lead but his run came to an early end as he went under his qualifying time as Jeffrey Orr was moving into the lead.  Clayton Oliver and Justin Renicker moved into second and third by the completion of lap six, as Orr set the pace up front.  All eyes were on top qualifier, Kyle Rector and point leader Kyle Grove, teammates.  Earlier in the night, Rector outqualified Grove, the first time all season Grove didn’t set fast time.  After a lap seven crash for Kyle Finlayson and Renicker, whose engine locked up in traffic, Grove moved into fourth with Rector not far behind.  On lap ten, Grove moved into second and started to chase down Orr, while Rector took third one lap later.  On lap twelve, Grove went one way, while Rector went the other and it was the latter taking over the lead.  Grove followed him into the second spot but it was clear to see that the #31 of Rector was a bit faster on this night.  Down the stretch, the field had a good amount of side-by-side action, but as they normally do, the Compacts had a lot of green flag racing, going the last 33 laps without a yellow.  During this run, Rector lapped all but the top five and built a sizable lead on his teammate Grove.  At the checkered, the J.D. Byrider/CNAC Financing #31 of Rector took his first win of the season by 3.486 seconds.  Following the New Philadelphia, Ohio driver were Grove, Blaine Salsberry, Orr, and Dan Buckey.  Salsberry’s run was disallowed in post-race tech, moving Tim Frederick into fifth.  Others in the top ten included Larry Ennis, Jr., Striejewske, Gage Jaberg, Ryan Shreffler, and Zack Cogar.  Rector got the clean sweep by setting fast time and also winning the dash.

Alex Rosenberry was the June 7 Modified winner at Midvale.  (Midvale Speedway photo)

Alex Rosenberry was the June 7 Modified winner at Midvale. (Midvale Speedway photo)

Late Model rookie, Joe Linard, raced out front early in the 30-lap feature event, while polesitter Dave Martin fell back on the inside lane.  After the first lap was complete, caution waved as John Ambrose, Jr. made some slight contact with Martin creating a spin.  That setup a restart with Linard on the inside and Rick Sibila alongside.  Sibila raced out front in his Jim Jaberg Racing #21, while Linard held onto second for a few more laps before New Philadelphia, Ohio teenager Alex Rosenberry made his move.  Rosenberry took over second on lap six while Bryant Smith followed shortly after.  Right before a lap seven caution, Rosenberry pulled off a nice move on the lowside of Sibila for the lead but it was negated when the caution came out.  After a lengthy yellow to clean up the track from rear end grease, Rosenberry shot into the lead via the outside lane.  Caution waved for a final time on lap nine of the event, setting up a Rosenberry/Sibila first row and a Bryant Smith/Matthew Mills second row.  On the restart, Rosenberry again sailed out front with Smith taking over second one lap later.  Over the last 20 laps, Rosenberry had his hands full with Smith hounding him from behind.  Rosenberry’s car looked to be extremely tight, giving Smith a few looks to the inside on the corner exit.  Smith pulled low a few times, but Rosenberry pulled off the block to retain his number one position.  Down the stretch, Rosenberry adjusted his lane slightly to help his tight condition, but Smith still challenged a number of times.  It was a fun battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.  At the checkered, Rosenberry claimed his first win of the season in the Rosenberry Towing/Flite Test #2, while Smith came across the line in the second spot.  Top qualifier Mike Miller was turning laps comparable to the leaders at the end but the lead duo had gotten through traffic a bit quicker to build a sizable lead.  Miller took third with Linard and Mills fourth and fifth.  Larry Baker took sixth, while Bob Schneider, Jr., Ambrose, driving the Don Harvey car, Roger Linard, and Nathan Embree completed the top ten.  Rosenberry won the dash, while Mills and Embree took the heats.

Adam Stewart and Tyler Noeske brought another stellar field of Summit Racing Economy Modifieds to the green for a 25-lap feature.  Noeske led the first lap before Stewart was able to take advantage of the inside lane and pull ahead.  Stewart led Noeske for a lot of green flag laps in the early stages of the feature, which was single file for about half the event.  Then things started to heat up as Preston Walker, Tim Westerfield, Jr., and Glen Jewell started to put on a show in the outside lane.  On lap 22, with a gaggle of cars battling for spots in the top five, a mishap was bound to happen.  As the cars entered turn one, the field stacked up a bit with Ripley, Bowers, and Walker.  During the chain reaction bobble in turn one, Walker made slight contact with Bowers, creating a spin, ending Walker’s solid run.  Impressively, the field had gone the first 21 laps without a caution.  This however, created a double file restart and a couple of more yellows.  In them, Tim Westerfield, Jr. had his solid run go awry on a deal in turn three in which he was on the outside of a three wide battle.  When he tried to get back to the second lane, Noeske’s car and his made contact, creating a spin and a multi car pileup.  Fortunately, most were able to pull away under their own power but plenty of bent parts were noticeable.  Finally, the field got rolling with Stewart and Ripley restarting up front.  With two to go, Jewell moved into second and quickly shot to the outside of Stewart for the lead.  On the final lap, Jewell had a great run through turn two and looked to be on his way to a feature victory.  Entering three, though, Stewart drove it in deep, taking he and Jewell up the track.  Stewart, with the banzai move, pulled back ahead and crossed the stripe for his second feature win in three weeks.  Stewart became the first repeat winner in the division this season, driving the Ida’s Cafe/Stewart Flooring #11.  Jewell took second, while Don Boron, Jr. came out of nowhere in the late going to race into the third spot, his best Modified finish.  Ripley and Bubba Smith took top five finishes.  The rest of the top ten were Bowers, Todd Ripley, Emerson Huffman, Westerfield, and Chris Piehl.  Westerfield won the dash, while Walker and Stewart won the heats.  Jason Grewell set fast time in qualifying.

Cyler Bertram raced into the early lead in the 12-lap Finish Line Motors Mini Truck feature and never looked back to claim his first feature win of the season.  Bertram, who drives a very fast truck that normally doesn’t handle real well, had not only speed but handling as well in the feature.  Division point leader, Mike Martin took over second on lap four, but Bertram had already built a decent lead.  The Tony Newman Roofing/Bond Heating & Cooling #155 was followed at the stripe by Martin, Keith Anderson, Bruce George, and Bill Shimko.  Rookie Derek Cordia also finished the event.

Racing will continue this coming Saturday, June 14 with all five divisions back in action.  In addition to the weekly racing, kids bike races will be held at intermission for those 15 and under.  Kids are asked to bring their bikes to the track.  Helmets and protective pads are also recommended.

Pit gates will open at 2:30, hotlaps and grandstands at 3:00, qualifying at 4:45, and racing will begin at 6:30.  Grandstand admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, $8 for kids 6-15, and children five and under are free.  Pit admission is $25 for members and $30 for non members.

Full info can be found at midvalespeedway.com.

Results For Midvale Speedway

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models
Top Qualifier – Mike Miller 14.099
Dash – Alex Rosenberry, Bryant Smith, Mike Miller, Bob Schneider, Jr.
Heat #1 – Matthew Mills, Alex Rosenberry, Mike Miller, Tom Stankiewicz, Bob Schneider, Jr.
Heat #2 – Nathan Embree, Larry Baker, Joe Linard, Rick Sibila, Dave Martin
Feature – Alex Rosenberry, Bryant Smith, Mike Miller, Joe Linard, Matthew Mills, Larry Baker, Bob Schneider, Jr., John Ambrose, Jr., Roger Linard, Nathan Embree, Rick Sibila, Tom Stankiewicz, Dave Martin, Ed Watson

Summit Racing Economy Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Jason Grewell 14.810
Dash – Tim Westerfield, Jr., Glen Jewell, Bubba Smith, Jason Grewell
Heat #1 – Preston Walker, Kevin McClintock, Tim Westerfield, Jr., Glen Jewell, Bubba Smith
Heat #2 – Adam Stewart, Lucas Ripley, Mike Bowers, Don Boron, Jr., Tyler Noeske
Feature – Adam Stewart, Glen Jewell, Don Boron, Jr., Lucas Ripley, Bubba Smith, Mike Bowers, Todd Ripley, Emerson Huffman, Tim Westerfield, Jr., Chris Piehl, Kevin McClintock, Jason Grewell, Tyler Noeske, Shawn Marder, Lee McCreery, Philip Cox, Justin Courtney, Preston Walker, Bryce Allensworth

J.D. Byrider Street Stocks
Top Qualifier – Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.989
Dash – Dennis Wood, Rick Elkins, Jr., Mike Martin, Vince Martin
Feature – Mike Martin, Rick Elkins, Jr., Dennis Wood, Todd Miller, Waylon Orr, Bob Passwaters, Sr., Bob Passwaters, Jr., Cody Collmar, Gary Hoopingarner, Vince Martin, Brian Lewis, Jr., Brian Lewis, Sr., Austin Harvey

Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks
Top Qualifier – Mike Martin 17.538
Dash – Cyler Bertram, Mike Martin, Keith Anderson, Bruce George
Heat – Cyler Bertram, Mike Martin, Bruce George, Bill Shimko, Derek Cordia
Feature – Cyler Bertram, Mike Martin, Keith Anderson, Bruce George, Bill Shimko, Derek Cordia

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Top Qualifier – Kyle Rector 17.798
Dash – Kyle Rector, Kyle Finlayson, Kyle Grove, Justin Renicker
Feature – Kyle Rector, Kyle Grove, Jeffrey Orr, Dan Buckey, Tim Frederick, Larry Ennis, Jr., Laney Striejewske, Gage Jaberg, Ryan Shreffler, Zack Cogar, Andy Heath, Colton Cottis, Clayton Oliver, Kyle Finlayson, Justin Renicker, Allen Clark, Wes Ennis

Martin & Rector Claim 40-Lap Midvale Wins