Marlin Provides Update on Recovery Journey

Since completing Deep Brain Stimulation surgery on April 11th, former NASCAR competitor Sterling Marlin experienced a setback in his recovery journey.  However, after an additional procedure, he is back on track and doctors are happy with his current progression.


Following the fourth surgery, Marlin experienced some unusual symptoms.  After additional testing, it was determined he had excess fluid on the brain.  Marlin had an additional procedure two weeks ago to remove the fluid.  Doctors continue to monitor his progress and are happy with how he is proceeding.


“I am committed to my health journey and working hard on my recovery process,” said Marlin.  “I am feeling better and getting stronger every day.  As I have said, this is not an overnight process.  I know many of you were wondering why I was not at the track the past few weeks, especially for Kyle Ivey’s win for Sterling Marlin Racing.  I wanted to let everyone know I am feeling better and am continuing to recover.”


Marlin’s doctors have turned on his neurostimulator and are observing him closely as they continue to tweak the settings and medication to find the best combination for him long-term.


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-Sterling Marlin Racing Press Release

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Marlin Provides Update on Recovery Journey