‘Mamba’ Making Super Late Model Debut at Hickory

Dylan Smith has not raced since the 2018 Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway (FL), but that will change this weekend.  Smith will make his first appearance in a Super Late Model, competing with the CARS Tour at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC).


“Me and [car owner] Mark Reedy, we’ve been talking since the offseason,” Smith told Speed51.  “He’s just a cool dude who wants to go racing. He wants to give people opportunities with people he likes in the car.  We got hooked up and talking about prices, what it would take.  I just don’t have any money to go racing.  Life is good, but for racing, it’s just not there and it’s hard to find during COVID.


“It just came together with all the other stuff I’ve been doing, working with Experiential Events Group and working with RacingFanZone.com.  Just some people I’ve been around now came up.“


‘Mamba’ considers the opportunity to race this weekend a blessing.  It was a deal that been several weeks in the making, but came together after chance interactions on social media.


“Monday, I was on Twitter and someone was talking to me about it, asking when I’d be racing again. They asked how much I needed.  I said it was north of $2,500.  I got DM’d and texted immediately by two people, and between those two people the whole thing got done.  The other sponsors I already had came through, too.


“I feel so blessed. This has been the wildest process because I didn’t go out and get this.  For all intents and purposes it came to me, which is nothing but God’s plan. I’ve grinded my whole life and never been able to race like this, it’s pretty cool.”


Smith has not enjoyed many opportunities to compete in recent years.  His last race was a year and a half ago in the 2018 Snowflake 100, in a car he had never raced before at a track he had never raced.


“I have not raced since the [2018] Snowflake.  Before that, I ran one race at Caraway and before that it was the Myrtle Beach 400. Whenever I got into that car, I had never been in a Pro at Pensacola.  We were competitive when we were able to go back and go through the car the right way.”


While Saturday’s race will be Smith’s Super Late Model debut, it’ll come at a track where he is very familiar, Hickory Motor Speedway.


“Now I’m going to Hickory, which is a place where I probably have more laps than anywhere in the Southeast. I probably have 20 starts there, and a lot of test laps, a lot of practice laps.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.


“It’s a good race track for me because I’m pretty good at saving tires and equipment, and obviously in a Super, that’s the name of the game.  I was talking to Ryan Blaney last night and he was like, ‘Listen, if I hear you use more than 40 percent of the throttle until lap 90, I’m going to wring your neck.’”


One of the sponsors behind Smith’s Super Late Model debut is RacingFanZone.com.  Smith is a frequent host on the website’s race day Q&A sessions with notable NASCAR drivers and figures.


“That deal’s just been awesome.  We’ve been growing it week after week after week.  We have a show on Sunday before the Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. It’s just really cool to see how far that deal has come and to blend it with some on-track stuff.


“Those guys fully support everything I do and let me be me, which is a lot.  You know me, I’m very off-the-cuff and try to be as authentic as possible.  For them to allow me to do that on their platform is cool.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo

‘Mamba’ Making Super Late Model Debut at Hickory