Majeski Takes a Modified to Victory Lane at Langley

It was a familiar face in Speed51 Elite Modified Series in victory lane as Ty Majeski led 99 of 100 laps to take the win in the Mike Stefanik Memorial 100 at Langley Speedway. The four-time ARCA Midwest Tour champion started on the pole and was largely untouched throughout the race in the first-ever eSports broadcast.


It was a one-two finish for he and teammate Brandon Wilkinson, who took full advantage of track position earned off restarts to hold the field in check over the course of the 100-laps.


“I think a lot of it was just track position, me and Brandon were in sync there and I was giving him a countdown so he could try to clear third place and get down behind me and set sail there,” Majeski said on the broadcast.  “It was a fun race, Brandon’s a good kid.  It’s always fun to race with him.”


The Wisconsin driver’s dominant run nearly came to a halt two-thirds of the race when three cars got together on the frontstretch to bring out the yellow.  Majeski had little time to react coming out of turn four and was able to narrowly avoid the stopped cars.


“You’ve just got to guess which way to go, thankfully he just held the brakes and didn’t roll either high or low and I was able to get the car woe’d down enough to go low and miss him,” he said.  “I was trying to reach for my push-to-talk button to tell Brandon to check up but it happened so quick.  Thankfully he got through as well.”


As a top competitor in both the sim world and in real-life, the decision to compete in the Elite Modified Tour race was a no-brainer when he learned it would be broadcasted on 


“When I saw this league was going to be broadcasted on Speed51 tonight, it was kind of my two worlds colliding quite a bit and I was able to merge the two together for a night,” he stated, “so I signed up for the league this morning and got a little practice in before the server went up for tonight.  It was a must-run for sure, I want to do everything I can to help promote iRacing as well as and short track racing in general.”


Brandon Wilkinson came home second in what is his best finish to date in the Elite Modified Tour. He said restarts played a big role in how the race played out.


“He’s just short of unbeatable but it was a good night for the Posse, 1-2 is always a good finish,” Wilkinson said.  “I told Ty before the race I was happy he showed up because it almost guarantees a good run for the Posse.  Congrats to him, he was pretty much perfect, made no mistakes tonight.”


“I just about jumped one of them (restarts) and (Kyle) Souza got a really good jump there three restarts before that,” he continued.  “I knew it was going to be tough to get to the bottom.  After we made a mistake I tried to be on it and get just a little bit ahead of him.  I didn’t want to take the lead from him that way, I was fully content on running our line and trying to pass him cleanly for it.”


Tate Lightle took the final step on the podium with a third-place finish.  He was grateful he was able to race with one of the best in the country and to get a top-three result out of it.


“I had nothing for Ty but if I would’ve gotten in front of Brandon, I probably could’ve held him off,” Lightle said.  “I think third place was about where we should’ve ran.  It’s cool to come out and run with Ty because he’s established himself on the sim and in real life.  It’s neat to be able to run with guys like that.”


The next race for the Elite Modified Tour will be next Tuesday, September 24th from one of Tour-Type Modified’s most legendary tracks, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.  It will also be broadcasted live on free of charge.


Speed51 Elite Modified Tour Mike Stefanik Memorial 100 Results


Pos # Driver
1 91 Ty Majeski
2 02 Brandon Wilkinson
3 56 Tate Lightie
4 19 Austin Beers
5 28 Joshua Clark
6 64 Andrew Rucker
7 87 Richard Hinds
8 41 Dallas Myhand
9 10 Chuck Sweeting
10 54 Matt Gruenberg
11 15 Chad J. Frankenfield
12 60 Jeffery Fischer
13 13 Vincent Isabella
14 61 Brent Wentz
15 44 Michael Goodman
16 3 Scot Haney
17 95 Robert Hill, Jr.
18 76 Jeffrey Maconi
19 27 Kyle Souza
20 08 Jonathan Tracey


-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter: @kgeyer3

-Photo Credit: / SymTV

Majeski Takes a Modified to Victory Lane at Langley