West Salem, WI – On another hot night in the racing world, we saw an estimated 3000 people attend State Bank Financial Buck Night at the LaCrosse Speedway.

The Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models saw 2 cautions tonight, but Ty Majeski was having none of that.

The field was brought to the green by Jason Dummer and Justin Zmyewski, but Matthew Henderson came from outside row two to battle Dummer for the lead. Henderson took the lead on lap 2 but was quickly being caught by Mike Carlson. Carlson took the lead on the inside of turn 1 on the very next lap.

Ty Majeski and Brad Powell were coming to the front when Majeski slid past Powell for 2nd on the backstretch of lap 16. Shawn Pfaff was all over the back bumper of Powell trying to get the 3rd spot from him and took in turn 3.

Halfway thru the race, Mike Carlson has a sizeable lead over Majeski. With 6 laps to go Cam Dezelske spins in turn 2. This brings out the orange cone. The front row saw Mike Carlson and Majeski take the green flag for the restart. Majeski takes the lead with 5 to go and pulls away from Carlson. As the checkered flag dropped, Majeski was declared the winner for the 2nd weekend in a row and his 3rd feature of the season, here at the LaCrosse Speedway.  Rounding out the top five were: Shawn Pfaff, Steve Carlson, Mike Carlson and Cole Howland.

Dean’s Satellite and Security Sportsmen were brought to the green flag by Mark Challet and Justin Mullikin. Challet and Mullikin battled for a couple laps to see who was going to take the point, but it was Challet that pulled in front of Mullikin.

Challet was quickly challenged by Jimmy Gilster for the top spot. Gilster went to the outside of Challet for the lead. With this pass Gilster brought Brian Hesselberg, Nick Clements and Steve Bachman with him.  Gilster lead the race at the half way point, but was having to hold off the hard charge of Clements who passed Hesselberg for 2nd with 5 laps to go. Challet spun in turn 2 bringing out the caution.

After the orange cone chess match, the front row was made up of Gilster and Clements. After the green flag flew again, Clements passed Gilster in turn 2 for the lead. Gilster came charging back and it was a mad dash for the checkers. When the checkered flag dropped, Nick Clements found himself winning his 8th feature of the year. Clements told Dan Deicher, in an on track interview, “This night was fun, with some great side by side racing action.”

Melissa Rusch and Scott Mahlum brought the Auto Value Thunderstox to the green flag, but it was Bill Schott who came from inside row two to take the lead. Schott lead the entire race. Your current point leader, Andy Moore came from the back row and took home second place. The top five was rounded out by Charles Vian Jr., Kaleb Hardy and Jordan Myers.

The Auto Value Street Stock saw a lot of bobbing, weaving, bumping and banging. Parts were all over the track, but in the end Dan Osthoff brought home his 3rd feature win in a row.

A wild and crazy figure 8 race was held on the front stretch tonight and the winner of that was Tyler Mickschl.

The next event on the LaCrosse Speedway schedule is Saturday, August 22nd, it is our weekly racing finale with Twin 20 lap Late Model feature races.

. For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit www.lacrossespeedway.com.

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series – www.hometracks.nascar.com.


-LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway Press Release. Photo credit: Ty Majeski Twitter



Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models

State Bank Financial 20 Feature (16 Cars) — 1, Ty Majeski, Seymour, 2. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta, 3. Steve Carlson, West Salem, 4. Mike Carlson, West Salem, 5. Cole Howland, LaCrosse, 6. Brent Kirchner, LaCrosse, 7. Matthew Henderson, LaCrosse, 8. Jerimy Wagner, Onalaska, 9. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, 10. Justin Zmyewski, Houston, MN, 11. Jason Dummer, Holmen, 12. Jonathan Eckelberg, West Salem, 13. Curt Eckelberg, West Salem; 14, Cam Dezelske, LaCrosse; 15, Carter Christenson, West Salem, 16, Brad Powell, LaCrosse

Qualifying —  1, Ty Majeski, 20.101 secs, 97.682 MPH; 2, Shawn Pfaff, 20.177 secs, 97.314 MPH; 3, Steve Carlson, 20.247 secs, 96.977 MPH; 4, Mike Carlson, 20.284 secs, 96.800 MPH; 5, Brad Powell, 20.395 secs, 96.274 MPH; 6, Jerimy Wagner, 20.414; 7, Cole Howland, 20.416; 8, Matthew Henderson, 20.493; 9, Brent Kirchner, 20.528; 10, Harley Jankowski, 20.731; 11, Jason Dummer, 21.004; 12, Justin Zmyewski, 21.348; 13, Curt Eckelberg, 21.454; 14, Carter Christenson, 21.624; 15, Jonathan Eckelberg, 21.639; 16, Cam Dezelske, 21.697

Heat  — 1, Cole Howland; 2, Matthew Henderson; 3, Brent Kirchner; 4, Cam Dezelske; 5, Jason Dummer

Fast Dash — 1, Brad Powell; 2, Steve Carlson; 3, Ty Majeski; 4, Shawn Pfaff; 5, Mike Carlson


Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen

State Bank Financial 15 Feature (12 Cars) — 1, Nick Clements, West Salem, 2. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem, 3. Steve Bachman, West Salem, 4. Brian Hesselberg, Bangor, 5. Tony Leis, Middle Ridge, 6. Brad Warthan, Sparta, 7. Jamie Dummer, Tomah, 8. Justin Mullikin, Holmen, 9. Jeff Thompson, LaCrosse, 10. Mark Challet, LaCrosse, 11. Mandi Eckelberg, West Salem, 12. John Radtke, LaCrosse

Qualifying —  1, Nick Clements, 21.747 seconds, 90.288 MPH; 2, Steve Bachman, 22.072 secs, 88.959 MPH; 3, Tony Leis, 22.259 secs, 88.212 MPH; 4, Jamie Dummer, 22.338 secs, 87.900 MPH; 5, Brian Hesselberg, 22.348 secs, 87.860 MPH; 6, Jimmy Gilster, 22.439 secs; 7, Brad Warthan, 22.653 secs; 8, Justin Mullikin 22.769 sec; 9, Mark Challet, 23.111 secs; 10, Jeff Thompson, 23.158 secs; 11, Mandi Eckelberg, 23.224 secs; 12, John Radtke, 24.120

Heat  — 1, Brad Warthan, 2. Justin Mullikin, 3. Jeff Thompson, 4. Mark Challet, 5. Mandi Eckelberg

Dash — 1, Tony Leis, 2. Nick Clements, 3. Brian Hesselberg, 4. Steve Bachman, 5. Jimmy Gilster


Auto Value Thunderstox

State Bank Financial 15 Feature (13 cars) — 1, Bill Schott, LaCrosse, 2. Andy Moore, Sparta, 3. Charles Vian Jr., Sparta 4. Kaleb Hardy, Sparta, 5, Jordan Myers, Sparta, 6, Kyle Lockington, LaCrosse, 7, Scott Mahlum, LaCrosse, 8, Jacinda Pfaff, Sparta, 9, Nate White, Rockland, 10, Melissa Rusch, LaCrosse, 11, Kayla Lockington, Mindoro, 12, Ron White, Camp Douglas

Dash — 1, Jordan Myers; 2, Nate White; 3, Kayla Lockington; 4, Andy Moore.

Heat 1 — 1, Andy Moore; 2, Kayla Lockington; 3, Charles Vian Jr.; 4, Scott Mahlum;  5, Jacinda Pfaff

Heat 2 — 1, Nate White.; 2, Jordan Myers; 3, Melissa Rusch; 4, Ron White; 5, Kyle Lockington


Auto Value Street Stocks

State Bank Financial 15 Feature (14 cars) — 1, Dan Osthoff, LaCrosse 2. Al Bartels, Tomah, 3. Chris Larson, LaCrosse, 4. Taylor Dobbs, Galesville, 5. Keith Larson, LaCrosse, 6. Jonathan Burbach, Winona MN, 7. Jarad Cary, LaCrosse, 8. Steve Rusch, Sparta, 9. Tyler Mickschl, LaCrosse, 10. Benjamin Arndt, Norwalk,  11. Trevor Zeller, Sparta, 12. John Eron, Merrillan, 13, Andy Feldkamp, Sparta, 14, John Clauson, Onalaska, 15, Jay Raines, LaCrosse

Qualifying — 1, Jarad Cary, 17.040 secs, 52.817 mph; 2, Benjamin Arendt, 17.208 secs, 52.301 mph; 3, Trevor Zeller, 17.249 secs, 52.177 mph; 4, Al Bartels, 17.364 secs, 51.831; 5, Dan Osthoff, 17.441 secs, 51.603 mph; 6, Keith Larson; 7, Chris Larson; 8, Andy Feldkamp; 9, Jonathan Burbach, 10, Taylor Dobbs; 11, John Clauson; 12, John Eron; 13, Tyler Mickschl; 14, Jay Raines

Heat 1 — 1, Al Bartels; 2, John Eron; 3, Keith Larson; 4, Jonathan Burbach; 5, Andy Feldcamp

Heat 2 — 1, Dan Osthoff; 2, Trevor Zeller; 3, Ben Arden; 4, Chris Larson; 5, Taylor Dobbs


Figure 8 Race Winner – Tyler Mickschl

Majeski Makes It Two in a Row at LaCrosse Fairgrounds