20 year old Ty Majeski (Seymour) has the distinct honor of being one of 7 drivers to be named in the inaugural Alan Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP.) “It’s an honor and a responsibility to represent Alan Kulwicki,” says Ty Majeski. “He is a great example of what I strive to be as a person and a race car driver. Like Mr. Kulwicki Ty is pursuing a degree in engineering and racing several race tracks and series in the Midwest.


Alan Kulwicki was known for many things. From Greenfield, WI, Mr. Kulwicki was a savvy, intelligent driver that raced in the NASCAR Winston Cup Circuit from 1985 until his untimely death on April 1, 1993. Like Ty, Mr. Kulwicki started his career by racing go-karts. After much success, he moved up to late models. Mr. Kulwicki represented what a true racecar driver is. He was intricately involved with every aspect of his racing, from owning his own car, to working on the car and calling adjustments to wheeling the car to a Winston Cup Championship in 1992.


Ty is proud to announce he is following in Mr. Kulwicki’s footsteps in more ways than just burning up the racetrack. “I am excited to announce the Ty Majeski Driver Development Program, the TMDDP,” Ty explains. “After being accepted into the KDDP, I came up with the idea because I want to not only support young drivers but I wanted to keep Mr. Kulwicki’s legacy alive. It occurred to me that the young go-kart drivers are not familiar with Alan Kulwicki and everything he accomplished.” Ty states “I will be going to my local go-kart tracks and talk to the young drivers about the program. They will each get an application. I will select 7 drivers from the “Box Stock” division (ages 8 -12) that are interested and have the drive to take their driving to the next level. Like the KDDP program, the winner will be announced at the end of the season and get a cash award, a trophy, other prizes and a day at the track during one of my super late model races.”


Candidates for the TMDDP will be scouted at Gold Star Raceway (GSR) in Clintonville and Hi-Go Raceway in Cecil, WI. Ed Bertrand, owner of GSR is happy to be a part of Ty’s program. “We need people like Ty to help these kids get better,” says Ed, “they all look up to him and want to be like him. There are many talented kids but they don’t have the people they need surrounding them to get to that next level.” Ed goes on to explain, “When we heard that Ty was part of the KDDP program, no one was surprised. Ty is a lot like Alan; I used to watch him back in the day. No one will ever do it like Alan did, with just pure talent. He won the Winston cup with only two cars. Now it’s all about money. Ty has the talent like Alan.”


Hi-Go Raceway in Cecil will also be included in the recruitment. “I got my first win at Hi-Go on my 10th birthday” says Ty. Mike Mitchell is the owner of Hi-Go and remembers when Ty raced there. “ Ty was always a great kid. He was quiet and very competitive. He won a lot of races here.” Mike commented, “It is really good that Ty is coming here to help the youngest of drivers. That’s where it all begins, with the youngest of drivers. The parents are also rookies it’s easy to forget that they need help too. I’m glad he is helping them all.”


One thing that both Ed and Mike agree on is this; they want to keep the sport alive. They appreciate Ty remembering his roots and cultivating some of that young talent into possibly the next ARCA Midwest Tour Champion.


Ty Majeski began racing at the age of 9 at go-kart tracks. After much success, he set his focus on national go-kart races, winning numerous championships. He then began racing a limited late model where he won the national short track championship at Rockford. He then moved up to a super late model and showed continued success by becoming history’s youngest Champion and first Rookie of the Year AND Champion of the ARCA Midwest Tour. Ty is currently leading in points for the ARCA Midwest Tour, the TUNDRA Super Late Series and the Triple Crown Series in the 2015 season. Ty hopes to continue to advance in his racing career while attending the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


For more information on Ty, please visit his website at www.tymajeskiracing.com or follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tymajeskiracing. Please visit GSR at http://www.gsrkartway.com and Hi-Go Raceway at http://www.higoraceway.com


-Ty Majeski Racing Press Release. Photo credit: Speed51.com

Majeski Creates Driver Development Program for Young Racers