Mother nature gave us another beautiful night for local stock car auto racing at the LaCrosse Speedway. All 3 fast time qualifiers found their way to victory lane tonight.
The Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models were brought to the drop of the green by Mike Carlson and Jason Dummer. Carlson takes the lead and holds it until lap 8. Shawn Pfaff passes him on the outside rail, makes his car stick and was the next leader of the race. Carlson dropped back 5 positions.  As Pfaff battled Carlson for the lead Brad Powell and Ty Majeski were making their way to the front as well.
Majeski takes 2nd place from Powell and is reeling in Pfaff.  Majeski tries to pass Pfaff on the inside of turn 3, but couldn’t get his car to stick well enough to pass and take the lead. Also looking to get a piece of the front row racing action was Steve Carlson. As Pfaff and Majeski are battling for the 1st and 2nd spots, Rob Christen spins in the grass and brings out the caution. As the orange cone is placed, Pfaff takes the inside line and Majeski takes the high line for the restart.
Once the green flag flies, Majeski passes Pfaff for the lead on the backstretch of the 5/8th mile track. Pfaff bobbles a little bit and this gives Carlson the go ahead to take the 2nd spot. At the checkered flag, Ty Majeski picked up yet another feature win. Carlson, Pfaff, Powell and Jerimy Wagner rounded out the top 5.
Dean’s Satellite and Security Sportsmen saw Mark Challet and Jake Bemis on the pole when the green flagged dropped. Bemis fell to the mid of the pack and Challet held the point for 6 laps. On lap 6, Jeff Thompson was able to pass Challet on the outside and take the lead, but brought Brad Warthan with him.
With 8 laps to go, Brad Warthan takes the lead from Thompson. Nick Clements and Steve Bachman are hard charging from the back of the pack.
Bachman clears Clements for the 2nd spot and is trying to reel in Warthan for the top spot. With 1 lap to go, Bachman gets around Warthan and brings home his 2nd feature of the year. To round out the top 5 were Warthan, Clements, Tony Leis and Jaime Dummer.
Melissa Rusch and Nate White brought the Auto Value Thunderstox to the green flag. White quickly took the lead from Rusch. Radlee Pfaff and Scott Mahlum tangle in corners 3 and 4 and the 1st caution comes out, neither car was able to finish the race. Just a couple laps later Rusch gets spun and breaks her rear axle also unable to finish the race. White brought the field back to green where he had to hold off the hard charge of Andy Moore. Moore takes the lead and ends up winning his 6th feature so far this year. Nate White, Kaleb Hardy, Kyle Lockington and Kayla Lockington round out the top five.
The ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets saw a lot of bumping and banging during their feature. A 3 car wreck in turn 2 had the field stopped for about 10 minutes while those cars were separated. Once the wreck was cleaned up, Kevin Turner saw himself on the pole for the restart. With a lot of racing left, Kris Berg found his way to the front and was the 1st one to see the checkered flag followed by Hunter Miller, Tom Luethe, Kevin Turner and Patrick Thicke.
The Mountain Dew Outlawz saw a lot of fast action on the ¼ mile track. Jason Bolster and Dakota Miller took the green flag but Bolster quickly took the lead and walked away from the field. Ron Lockington and Jason Stark were hard charging to the front and Stark took the lead as Lockington spun. Stark would eventually take the checkered flag for his 2nd feature win of the season.
The next events on the LaCrosse Speedway schedule is Premier Powdercoating Street Drags on Friday Aug. 14 and State Bank Financial Buck Night on Saturday Aug. 15.
For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit
LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series –
Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models
Torrance Casting Inc. 20 Feature (16 Cars) — 1, Ty Majeski, Seymour, 2. Steve Carlson, LaCrosse, 3. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta, 4. Brad Powell, LaCrosse, 5. Jerimy Wagner, Onalaska, 6. Matthew Henderson, LaCrosse, 7. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, 8. Jason Dummer, Holmen, 9. Mike Carlson, West Salem, 10. Cam Dezelske, LaCrosse, 11. Curt Eckelberg, West Salem, 12. Justin Zmyewski, Houston MN, 13. Jonathan Eckelberg, West Salem, 14. Rob Christen, Melrose; 15, Carter Christenson, West Salem; 16, Jimmy Summerfield, Rockland
Qualifying —  1, Ty Majeski, 19.917 secs, 98.584 MPH; 2, Shawn Pfaff, 19.999 secs, 98.180 MPH; 3, Steve Carlson, 20.046 secs, 97.950 MPH; 4, Harley Jankowski, 20.258 secs, 96.925 MPH; 5, Brad Powell, 20.371 secs, 96.387 MPH; 6, Matthew Henderson, 20.483; 7, Jerimy Wagner, 20.519; 8, Jason Dummer, 20.734; 9, Mike Carlson, 20.976; 10, Carter Christenson, 21.099; 11, Cam Dezelske, 21.476; 12, Jonathan Eckelberg, 21.690; 13, Curt Eckelberg, 21.798; 14, Justin Zmyewski, 21.945; 15, Jimmy Summerfield, 21.968
Heat  — 1,Jerimy Wagner; 2, Jason Dummer; 3, Mike Carlson; 4, Cam Dezelske; 5, Curt Eckelberg
Fast Dash — 1, Brad Powell; 2, Shawn Pfaff; 3, Matthew Henderson; 4, Ty Majeski; 5, Harley Jankowski
Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen
Torrance Casting Inc. 15 Feature (14 Cars) — 1, Steve Bachman, West Salem, 2. Brad Warthan, Sparta, 3. Nick Clements, West Salem, 4. Tony Leis, Onalaska, 5. Jamie Dummer, Tomah, 6. Jeff Thompson, LaCrosse, 7. Brian Hesselberg, Bangor, 8. Mark Challet, LaCrosse, 9. Justin Mullikin, Holmen, 10. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem, 11. Jake Bemis, Trempealeau, 12. Mandi Eckelberg, West Salem, 13. John Radtke, LaCrosse, 14. Todd Lockington, Mindoro
Qualifying —  1, Steve Bachman, 21.748 seconds, 90.284 MPH; 2, Nick Clements, 21.887 secs, 89.711 MPH; 3, Brad Warthan, 22.048 secs, 89.056 MPH; 4, Jimmy Gilster, 22.132 secs, 88.718 MPH; 5, Tony Leis, 22.200 secs, 88.446 MPH; 6, Jamie Dummer, 22.273 secs; 7, Brian Hesselberg, 22.368 secs; 8, Justin Mullikin 22.409 sec; 9, Jeff Thompson, 22.791 secs; 10, Mandi Eckelberg, 23.139 secs; 11, Jake Bemis, 23.234 secs; 12, Mark Challet, 23.280; 13, John Radtke , 23.575 secs; 14, Todd Lockington, 24.078
Heat  — 1, Brian Hesselberg, 2. Jeff Thompson, 3. Mark Challet, 4. Justin Mullikin, 5. Jake Bemis
Dash — 1, Tony Leis, 2. Jamie Dummer, 3. Steve Bachman, 4. Jimmy Gilster, 5. Brad Warthan
Auto Value Thunderstox
Torrance Casting Inc. 15 Feature (13 cars) — 1, Andy Moore, Sparta, 2. Nate White, Rockland, 3. Kaleb Hardy, Sparta 4. Kyle Lockington, LaCrosse, 5, Kayla Lockington, Mindoro, 6, Charles Vian Jr., Sparta, 7, Ron White, Camp Douglas, 8, Jacinda Pfaff, Sparta, 9, Bill Schott, Tomah, 10, Melissa Rusch, LaCrosse, 11, Radlee Pfaff, Sparta, 12, Scott Mahlum, LaCrosse, 13, Thomas Farra, Cashton
Dash — 1, Andy Moore; 2, Kyle Lockington; 3, Jacinda Pfaff; 4, Nate White.
Heat 1 — 1, Jacinda Pfaff; 2, Andy Moore; 3, Thomas Farra; 4, Kaleb Hardy;  5, Scott Mahlum
Heat 2 — 1, Nate White.; 2, Kyle Lockington; 3, Charles Vian Jr.; 4, Kayla Lockington; 5, Bill Schott
ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets
Torrance Casting Inc. 15 Feature (20 cars) — 1, Kris Berg, Ettrick, 2. Hunter Miller, West Salem, 3. Tom Luethe, West Salem, 4. Kevin Turner, LaCrosse, 5. Patrick Thicke, West Salem, 6. Nate Towner, Trempeauleau, 7. Jeff Thompson, LaCrosse, 8. Brandon LeMoine, West Salem, 9. John Towner, Trempeauleau, 10. Garrett Thicke, West Salem, 11. Jeff Von Ruden, Norwalk, 12. Joey Johnson, North Bend, 13. John Piotrowski, Black River Falls, 14. Matthew Carpenter, Galesville, 15. Jake Schomers, LaCrescent, MN, 16. Kyle Ritter, LaCrosse, 17. Kim Strom, West Salem, 18. Jesse Bjorkman, West Salem, 19. Cheyanne Stanfield, Spara, 20. John Clauson, Onalaska
B-Feature (Top 5 Advance) – 1. Jeff Von Ruden, 2. John Piotrowski, 3. John Clauson, 4. Jesse Bjorman, 5. Cheyanne Stanfield, 6. Robert Stanfield, 7. Paul Mahlum III, 8. Matt Cornell, 9. Matt Miller, 10. Cheyanne Williamson, 11. Shawn McCarthy, 12. Ben Stumlin, 13. Jordan Young, 14. Samantha Linnehan
Heat 1 — 1, Kyle Ritter, 2. Brandon Lemoine, 3. Patrick Thicke, 4. John Towner, 5. Hunter Miller
Heat 2 — 1, Kris Berg, 2. Tom Luethe, 3. Nate Towner, 4. Matthew Carpenter, 5. Jake Schomers
Heat 3 — 1, Kevin Turner, 2. Garrett Thicke, 3. Jeff Thompson, 4. Joey Johnson Sr., 5. Kim Strom
Mountain Dew Outlawz
Torrance Casting Inc. 15 Feature (6 cars) — 1, Jason Stark, Sparta 2. Jason Bolster, Sparta 3. Ron Lockington, Mindoro 4. Ken Donais, Sparta 5. Dakota Miller, Sparta 6. Henry Vian, Sparta
Qualifying — 1, Jason Stark, 14.358 sec., 62.683 mph, 2. Dakota Miller, 15.099 sec, 59.607 mph,  3. Ken Donais, 15.57 sec. 58.605 mph, 4. Jason Bolster, 15.575 sec., 57.785 mph, 5. Henry Vian, 16.251 sec., 55.381 mph, 6. Ron Lockington
Heat  — 1. Jason Stark, 2. Jason Bolster, 3. Dakota Miller, 4. Ken Donais, 5. Ron Lockington
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Majeski, Bachman, Stark Claim Features at LaCrosse