XeniaOH: (6/27). It was young drivers night to shine at KilKare Speedway . Three of the classes were won by second generation drivers.

Tyler Mahaffey of Miamisburg put his Platinum Express lead all the way to post his first career late model main. Tyler is the son of former track champion and race car builder Don Mahaffey Jr.. Tyler ran an excellent race to edge out Cody Robinson and his father for the win. Arlis Williams and Bill Burba rounded out the top five. Burba was fast qualifier and Robinson won the dash.

Mike Carroll led all the way in his McDonalds sponsored open wheeler designed and built by Charlie Goins. Bob Sibila, Zach Stacy  Jim Lewis Jr and Jamie Sites rounded out the top five. Sibila was fast qualifier, with Stacy taking the dash and Logan McPherson taking the heat.

Jake Heckman of New Carlisle was the second new driver to carry the checker as he won the street stock feature. Jake is the son of former track champion Sam Heckman. Jamie Sites. David Stump, Bo Hoelscher and Ricky Young. Lewis was fast qualifier with Hoelscher taking the dash win and Mike South Jr. carrying the flag for the heat.

The 20 lap compact feature saw Bill Honious, Tony Cottrill and Amber Holley battled before the checker fell with the cars in that order. Nick Barrett and Davey Shaw rounded out the top five. Honious set fast time with Cottrill taking the dash.

The ARCA Series trucks were on hand with Danny Jackson of Cincinnati taking the feature win. Racing resumes next Friday (7/4) .

Kil Kare Results 06-27-14

Late Models:

Fast Qualifier: Bill Burba 13.781

Dash Winner: Cody Robinson

Feature: 1. Tyler Mahaffey 2. Cody Robinson 3. Don Maffey Jr. 4. Arlis Williams 5. Bill Burba 6. Josh Cahill


Fast Qualifier: Bob Sibila Jr. 14.036

Dash Wiiner: Zach Stacy

Heat Winner: Logan McPherson

Feature: 1. Mike Carroll 2. Bob Sibila Jr. 3. Zach Stacy 4. Jim Lewis Jr. 5. Jamie Sites 6. Brian Brewer 7. Logan McPherson 8. Grant Gamble

Sport Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Jim Lewis Jr. 15.322

Dash Winner: Bo Hoelscher

Heat Winner: Mike South Jr.

Feature: 1. Jacob Heckman 2. Jamie Sites 3. David Stump 4. Bo Hoelscher 5. Ricky Young 6. Jim Lewis Jr. 7. Marcus Melzer 8. Mike South Jr. 9. Rich Gleason 10. Josh Longstreth


Fast Qualifier: Bill Honious 14.830

Dash Winner: Tony Cottrill

Feature: 1. Bill Honious 2. Tony Cottrill 3. Amber Holley 4. Nick Barrett 5. Davey Shaw 6. Codie Knabe 7. Nick Bertke

ARCA Truck Series:

1. Danny Jackson Complete results unavailable at this time…


– KilKare Speedway press release.  Photo credit: Isaacs Photo


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