Mike Sangermano closed Magnus Performance Products in 2016 to join a leading transmission manufacturer.  After moving his family to North Carolina and enduring the struggles of corporate America, Sangermano chose to leave and has reopened Magnus Performance Products.


Magnus Performance Products is an industry leader in performance drivetrain products.  Whether it is dirt or asphalt, circle track, drag or road racing, Magnus has you covered.  Magnus offers a different and unique solutions to their customer’s drivetrain needs.


Magnus is creating a one-stop shop, whether it be clutches, transmissions, rear-ends, wheel bearings, or gear lubes.  Magnus assures that each component is engineered and machined to work together to maximize speed and performance.


When Sangermano approached industry leading companies about this thought process, they were all on-board.


“When I told these companies that I was reopening Magnus Performance Products, they were instantly on board,” said Sangermano.  “No questions asked.  It is great to have their support, and we appreciate them very much.”


Sangermano has established a great team that will operate out of their new, state-of-the-art 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in “Race City USA,” Mooresville, North Carolina.  Sangermano has employed some of the best industry drivetrain minds under one roof.


Industry veteran and NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Waddell Wilson has joined the team.  Wilson handles the Ford 9-inch rental program as well as outside sales.


Scott McManus, a highly-regarded transmission assembler, is one of Magnus’ lead transmission assembly builders, with over 25 years of experience in assembling and engineering all makes of racing transmissions.  McManus brings a lot of experience in drag racing and land speed drivetrain markets as well.


Fred Mayo, a long-time engine builder and drivetrain builder with the Petty Racing School, is responsible for the incoming disassemble area.  Mayo is very meticulous to make sure that every piece is looked at thoroughly.


These gentlemen are some of the best in the motorsports industry.  Their attention to detail in every customer order exceeds our competition.


“It’s as if they are putting the product in their own cars,” said Sangermano.


Magnus Performance Products is working hard on developing new products.  These products are designed to complement current product offerings.  However, Magnus Performance Products plans to release its own line of new transmissions and transmission parts.  These parts will fit aftermarket top loader transmissions, as well as Magnus’ new transmission.  Some of these “Elite Line” parts are available now, and more are expected in the coming weeks.


The parts are being machined to tighter tolerances than their competition.  Sangermano’s relationships with material suppliers allows Magnus to select superior materials that the industry has yet to see, allowing for greater strength and superior performance.  These material selections, new designs and manufacturing ideas allow the new product to have the “Magnus Difference” machine into them.


Customers are invited to call or stop into Magnus Performance Products to see the “Magnus Difference,” as they plan to raise the bar and offer customers the performance edge so many champions have experienced.


-Magnus Performance Products Press Release

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

‘Magnus Difference’ Returns to the Drivetrain Market