CONCORD, N.C. — After a hard fought weekend from Chris Madden it all paid off on the final night of the season finale when his No. 44 machine found its way into Victory Lane. Throughout the past three days at the Bad Boy Off Road World of Outlaws World Finals, Madden proved he was a strong contender as he remained in the front of the pack every time he took the track.


“When you’re fast the whole time there’s a little more pressure because you can’t slow it up. It’s not like being slow and trying to get better,” said Madden.


30-drivers from 15 different states across the country took to The Dirt Track at Charlotte for Saturday night’s 50-lap Craftsman Club Feature and it was anything but a Sunday afternoon drive to the grocery store as each driver battled it out from green-to-checkered. Many drivers found their way into the top-10 spots throughout the night and more than a handful danced in the top-5.


Picking number one in the redraw, Madden would start at the pole position. Tim McCreadie grabbed a number two to start him in the second position. The battle for the lead between Madden and McCreadie was from first lap where they went door-to-door until lap 7 where Madden was able to gain two car lengths between them.


With the help of a caution on lap 10, the field tightened and gave everyone the opportunity to move up the ladder. From lap 16 to lap 30 Madden, McCreadie and Josh Richards were doing all they could to maneuver around each other and lap traffic they encountered. All three swapping podium-positions along the way.


A caution fell on lap 30 and Richards headed to the hot pits but rejoined the field to finish out the race. Richards was able to make a hard charge forward from the back, ultimately finishing twelfth.


The battle between Madden and McCreadie held out until the lap 48 where Madden was able to squeeze between lap traffic and make a break away, leading him all the way to the checkered flag.


“[Madden] led a lot of laps last night and you just don’t know where to be. He got better and I thought there was a chance but he pulled a hell of a move [between two lap cars in Turn 2] and I just got hung for a second and that was the race. [Madden] has helped me out a lot this week so it’s fun to race like that – we had a blast” said McCreadie.


After learning some adjustments from the previous night, Madden said, “we tightened up from the situation we got into last night and just tried to have a better car and we got it too tight tonight and couldn’t cut around the bottom like [Tim McCreadie] could. I found something there in the middle and started to run those guys back down by working that middle and finally got me a groove that we could carry a lot of momentum. I knew we weren’t going to have a problem if we ran into lap traffic but we did and broke my momentum but we put ourselves into the position to win the race.”


There were several hard-chargers in the season finale for the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models. Brandon Overton gave viewers deja vu as he mimicked the previous day’s racing where he joined the feature through winning the Last Chance Showdown which started him in the twentieth position of the 30-car 50-lap feature. On Friday night Overton finished one spot shy from the podium.


On Saturday, Overton followed suit and won his Last Chance Showdown which transferred him into the Feature and started him again in the twentieth position. Although he gave the 50-lap feature all he could, Overton ran out of laps to jump up the chain and finished fifth.


The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series will wrap up their season at the end-of-the-year banquet where season-ending awards will be given out and honoring the Series Champion, Josh Richards. The Outlaw Late Models will resume action at DIRTcar Nationals in Florida in February, 2017.


Craftsman Club Feature (50 – Laps): 1. 44 – Chris Madden [$12,150]; 2. 39 – Tim McCreadie [$5,100]; 3. 5- Don O’Neal [$3,500]; 4. 18 – Eric Wells [$2,700]; 5. 76 – Brandon Overton [$2,250]; 6. 25 – Shane Clanton [$2,000]; 7. 6 – Jonathan Davenport [$1,500]; 8. 17M – Dale McDowell [$1400]; 9. 15L- Darrell Lanigan [$1,450]; 10. 18c- Chase Junghans [$1,400]; 11. C9- Steve Casebolt [$1,550]; 12. 1- Josh Richards [$1,550]; 13. 28E-Dennis Erb Jr. [$1,150]; 14. 40- Kyle Bronson [$1,100]; 15. 15s- Donny Schatz [$1,050]; 16. 41*- Chub Frank [$1,100]; 17. 0 – Dale Hollidge [$1,000]; 18. 7- Rick Eckart [$1,150]; 19. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr. [$1,300]; 20. 14M – Morgan Bagley [$1,000]; 21. 77 – Jordan Yaggy [$1,000]; 22. 3s – Brian Shirley [$110]; 23. 91 – Tyler Erb [$110]; 24. 22* – G.R. Smith [$1,000]; 25. 2c – Joey Coulter [$110]; 26. 93- Donald Bradsher [$1,000]; 27. 99jr. – Frank Heckenast Jr. [$1,050] – 28. 111- Steven Roberts [$1,000]; 29. 22 – Chris Ferguson [$1,000]; 30. 41B – Boom Briggs [$110]; 31. 111B – Max Blair [$1,000].


-World of Outlaws Press Release

-Photo Credit: World of Outlaws Twitter

Madden Breaks Through for World Finals LM Victory