Luck Shines on Former APC Champion at Five Flags

Dale Shaw thought his race was all but over after a spin around the halfway point of the APC United Late Model eSeries race at Five Flags Speedway.  He had visited pit road under three separate yellows to repair damage and take tires.  However, he would be on the receiving end of some good fortune after the rest of the field would pit just before the lap-100 mark while he still had good tires.


The 2015 APC United Late Model Series champion made the most out of his good fortune, leading the rest of the way to win for the second straight week.


“You talk about racing luck all the time, I got turned by the No. 57 (Timm) about halfway through and I had to come pit for three cautions straight to fix the fenders and stuff and I put tires on it,” Shaw said on the broadcast.  “We got a caution 10 laps later and the whole field pitted.  All of a sudden I was the leader again.  It was the luckiest thing anybody can luck into.”


Shaw had to hold off the field over several late restarts, using both the top and bottom lanes to keep everyone else at bay.  The track position played key in the final 50 laps, with how hard it was to pass on Thursday night.


“There was a strategy, whoever I wanted in the second row to be held back, I’d take top or bottom and control the race.  It was tough being in that third to fifth area because this place is hard and these guys did the best they could tonight.”


Inaugural CARS Super Late Model Tour champion Cole Timm made a late charge back through the top 10 to score the runner-up spot.  Timm needed a longer run to have a better chance at getting by Shaw for the win.


“I really thought we had a shot at winning.  A couple restarts prior to the last one I got used up pretty well and that sent me back. I had to fight my way through the back,” Timm said.  “And my shifter’s actually broken, I sent it away so I’ve been racing with paddle shifters. My restarts were horrible all night so that kind of set me back as well.


“I actually thought I had a shot to win the race, my fastest lap of the race was one of my last laps. It’s a shame but it’s my best finish of the series, I’ll take what I can get this week and come back and fight a little harder.”


Jamie Dyson, Ray Morneau, and Ryan Dyson rounded out the top five.


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3

Luck Shines on Former APC Champion at Five Flags