Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a multi-part series on Speed51.com that will share the thoughts of Late Model drivers across the country in regards to the new Five Star Gen6 Late Model body.


During the last month, Speed51 has reached out to drivers from the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and West Coast to get their opinion on the new body manufactured by Five Star Race Car Bodies. In an effort to hear the voices of drivers of all kinds, we have reached out to a variety of big-budget teams, those who race on a strict budget and everyone in between.


In Part I, we tackled the question of, “Should the new Five Star body be approved for competition?” That story can be viewed by clicking here.


In Part II, we share the thoughts of drivers on the look/appearance of the new Five Star Gen6 Late Model body.


The responses from the drivers we interviewed can be read below.



Brandon Setzer (Southeast Super Late Model Racer – Newton, NC)

“It looks nice.  I don’t think I’ve seen one in person.  I’ve only seen pictures.  It does looks nice.  It looks a little different.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing to change.”


Casey Johnson (Midwest Super Late Model Racer – Edgerton, WI)

“I think it looks great.  I think it’s a nice new look for the Super Late Model program.  I haven’t installed one yet, so I don’t really know about the ease of installation for it, but supposedly everything is flange fit and you don’t have to cut on anything and it just snaps together.  That would be nice, too, I suppose.”


Chris Weinkauf (Midwest Super Late Model Racer – Merrill, WI)

“From what I’ve seen, the body looks awesome.  I think that’s everybody’s review from what I’ve read and everything.  The body looks really cool.  From an appearance aspect, it does look neat.”


Dalton Zehr (Midwest Super Late Model Racer – Port Orange, FL)

“I think it’s a sharp looking body.  I have been racing Late Models since I was 14, and if I remember right that is about the same time we went to the ABC body. I’ve been on one body almost my entire Late Model career.  I like the look of the new body, but I understand that these days we’re doing anything and everything for a small advantage.  If the new body is an advantage, then there’s going to be a mad rush to it.”


Devin O’Connell (Granite State Pro Stock Series Racer – Madison, CT)

“First off, I love the look.  It looks absolutely badass.  I think the new look is awesome.  I think Five Star knocked it out of the park as far as the look goes.”


DJ Shaw (PASS Super Late Model Racer & Chassis Builder – North Conway, NH)

“I like it.  It’s kind of a shame that there’s a nationwide debate.  I don’t dislike the old body, but it was time for a change.  It’s nice to see something different and work with it.”


Donnie Wilson (National Super Late Model Racer – Oklahoma City, OK)

“You can tell a humongous difference in look.  You can tell between a Camaro, a Mustang, a Toyota. Every one of us, me included, tweak and twist these bodies and they still fit the referees.  Visually you can see a lot of difference in everyone’s cars.  Definitely these bodies would kill that.  Basically, back like the ASA days with the composite bodies, basically is what it is.”


Garrett Evans (Northwest Super Late Model Racer & Promoter – East Wenatchee, WA)

“I think it’s keeping up with the times.  They look more modern.  I look the looks of them and I like the way the body comes together.  It’s really easy to put the body on compared to the old ones.  It’s more modern and ties us in more to today’s era.”


Johnny VanDoorn (CRA – Midwest Super Late Model Racer – Coopersville, MI)

“I think the body’s a good overhaul for the current body that we’re using now.  I could go either way, I like the body that we’re using now, the traditional body.  I’ve always liked it and I know a lot of people like it.  But the body, what they’ve done with it, just the functionality of it and how it goes together, there’s a lot of really good ideas with how the body’s put together.  As far as the overall look of it, I think it’s a cool, modern design for Late Models.”


Justin Mondeik (Midwest Tour Super Late Model Racer – Gleason, WI)

“As far as appearance of the new body, I think it looks pretty sweet.  I think they did a fantastic job between the different makes.  Years ago it used to be what won on Sunday is what sold on Monday, so I think it’s kind of cool to generalize that now.  Right now we really don’t have different body styles.  It’s hard really hard to tell the difference.”


Nick Sweet (ACT Racer, PASS Racer and ARbodies Dealer – Barre, VT)

“It is definitely a nice body; I’ll say that.  I think it looks really nice.  We have a 604-crate engine so they built like that panel up a lot higher so it makes hood clearance a lot easier.  They definitely enhanced their body from what it once was.  It’s a better body than what they had.”


Tyler Tanner (Evergreen Speedway Super Late Model Racer – Auburn, WA)

“I think it has much better manufacture identity and overall brings a new look to Super Late Model racing.”


Wyatt Alexander (PASS / PRA Super Late Model Racer – Ellsworth, ME)

“My raw feel of it is that the thing looks awesome.  There’s no doubt that aesthetically it looks very good.  I don’t really like the whole splitter deal that’s on the front of the nose.  If I was to put one on my race car right now, that’s the only thing I don’t like.  I don’t like splitters on stock cars in general.  I know it’s not a real splitter with an underpan to it and everything but I just look at it and think the first time I have a flat tire I’m going to need a new nose.”


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Contributors: Jeremy Anders, Koty Geyer and Zach Evans

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Look at That Body: Drivers Discuss Look of New Body