(Columbus, OH)…George Lindsay captured his second late model feature victory in Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen All American Series event at Columbus Motor Speedway. Competing in his first full season of action in the track’s top division, the Groveport, OH native started seventh and wasted little time asserting himself. Sweeping past early leader Burgess White near the midpoint of the 35-lap affair, Lindsay outran the field to secure the victory.

Josh Cahill and White brought the field to the green flag with the latter pulling ahead following a three lap side-by-side battle. With White out front, Cahill fell into the clutches of Kyle Purvis and Lindsay already moving forward. Disposing of Purvis on lap seven Lindsay set out after the leader closed quickly. Using the outside lane around the third mile paved oval, Lindsay swept past good on lap-16 and never looked back. Purvis ended up second in the final analysis ahead of Matthew Parsons, Chad Pendleton and White.

Terry Humphrey dominated the 30-lap Columbus modified feature contest, his fourth victory of 2014. Starting sixth and the 20 car field, Humphrey was up three spots as five laps went up on the NASCAR scoreboard. Next bypassing Scott Jones, Humphrey continued to take the long way around the speedway disposing of Eddie Vallete at the midpoint of the contest. Humphrey quickly distanced himself from the field and carried a full straightaway advantage through the checkered flag. Shane Shirk made an impressive 2014 debut finishing second ahead of Jones, Shawn Gray and Sean MacNealy.

Bruce Holmes drove his Monte Carlo to win number two of the racing season besting Lisa Harding, Kenny Simpson, James Harding and Ralph Vinson.

In crazy compact feature action, Corey Kyer found himself in victory lane once again powering around early point man Cecil Collins with five laps to go in an exciting 20-lap front wheel drive event. Collins held on for second with Lonnie Brown, Michael Robison and Gwen Walsh rounding out the top five.

In the hilarious trailer race event, Mark Brown outlasted a stellar field of junk cars pulling junk trailers, in a stellar contest. With boats and trailers strewn all over the speedway the highlights included an airborne truck flying over a boat debris and Kyle Purvis acting as a front loader, moving boats out of the infield back on to the race track during the event.


Late Model

Fast Time: Matthew Parsons
Dash: 1) Chad Pendleton 2) Matt Parsons 3) George Lindsay 4) Donnie Hill
Heat: 1) Jacob Muncy 2) Ross Wells Jr 3) Josh Cahill 4) Kyle Purvis 5) Burgess White

Feature: 1) George Lindsay 2) Kyle Purvis 3) Matt Parsons 4) Chad Pendleton 5) Burgess White
6) Donnie Hill 7) Howard Muncy 8) Josh Cahill 9) Ross Wells Jr 10) Bill Cantley
11) Bill Browning 12) Jacob Muncy 13) Brian Whetnall 14) Bobby Justus

Columbus Modifieds

Fast Time: Shawn Gray
Dash: 1) Shane Shirk 2) Kevin Doran 3) Shawn Gray 4) Terry Humphrey
Heat: 1) Johnnie Breehl 2) Buddy Townsend 3) Josh Kempf 4) Greg Blackburn 5) Gary Zink
Heat: 1) Brian Brewer 2) Sean MacNealy 3) Brian Whetnall 4) Kyle Purvis 5) Eddie Vallette

Feature: 1) Terry Humphrey 2) Shane Shirk 3) Scott Jones 4) Shawn Gray 5) Sean MacNeally
6) Kyle Purvis 7) Eddie Vallette 8) Ethan Mullet 9) Donald Parsons 10) Kevin Doran
11) Brian Whetnall 12) Brian Brewer 13) Johnnie Breehl 14) Josh Kempf
15) Greg Blackburn 16) Buddy Townsend 17) Gary Zink 18) Jeff Watkins
19) Andy Shutts 20) Jacob Muncy

Sport Stock

Fast Time: Jacob Muncy
Dash: 1) Ricky Young 2) Jacob Muncy 3) Mike Litchfield 4) James Harding
Heat: 1) Dennis Middleton 2) Steve Karnes 3) Ralph Vinson 4) Bruce Holmes
5) Kenny Simpson

Feature: 1) Bruce Holmes 2) Lisa Harding 3) Kenny Simpson 4) James Harding
5) Ralph Vinson 6) Jacob Muncy 7) Steve Karnes 8) Ricky Young 9) Dennis Middleton
10) Steve Hursey 11) Mike Litchfield 12) Chris Meier

Crazy Compact

Fast Time: Jimmy McElfresh
Feature: 1) Corey Kyer 2) Cecil Collins 3) Lonnie Brown 4) Michael Robison 5) Gwen Welsh
6) Frank Hreha 7) Jimmy McElfresh 8) Danielle Brown 9) Ryan Smith
10) Charlie Hoepker 11) Shawn Vansickle 12) Larry Wilson 13) Dusty Harding
14) Dan Kaliminer 15) Jeremy Menninger 16) Dirk Thomas 17) Richard Lucas
18) Kyle Davis

– Columbus Motor Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: ReesPhotos.com

Lindsay Captures Second Feature win at Columbus Motor Speedway