CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (July 31, 2018) – McCallister Precision Marketing is proud to announce that client Lee Faulk Racing and Development has partnered with Trey Shannon Fitness.


Trey Shannon Fitness, owned by certified strength and conditioning specialist Trey Shannon, provides comprehensive fitness and performance training for racing drivers and team sport athletes.


Shannon uses his knowledge and two decades of racing experience to design a fitness program specific to each driver’s individual needs. Based at Mountain Island Fitness in Charlotte, N.C., the Trey Shannon Fitness program utilizes a strategic blend of physical, mental, and visual fitness training techniques to maximize performance and improve endurance inside the race car.


“I’m really excited to start working with Lee Faulk Racing,” said Shannon, who has competed in endurance karting races as a solo driver, completing six separate 24 hour challenges. “They’ve got a really good driver development program and I’m really looking forward to working with their drivers to make them safer, better and faster inside the car.”


The partnership will benefit Lee Faulk Racing and Development drivers by helping them be better prepared for the often diverse challenges presented by the sport of auto racing.


“Partnering with Trey Shannon Fitness gives our drivers access to a top-notch trainer who can whip them into shape and help them be as prepared as possible to climb behind the wheel of a race car,” said Lee Faulk Racing and Development’s Michael Faulk. “We have drivers all over the world and he can put a plan together that works for each of them. Even if you aren’t in the gym with him, you can stay connected and accountable. You can’t ask for a better program than that.”


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Lee Faulk Racing and Development Partners With Trey Shannon Fitness