The latest generation of racing drivers has shown an outstanding ability to be competitive not just on the racetrack, but also in the classroom or on their computers as they compete across the land. The latest of these rising talents is 17-year-old Cole Glasson, a native Texan who dominated in Karts as a child, now competing in Late Model Stock Cars for Lee Faulk in the Carolinas.


Despite the time spent on the East Coast, Glasson has maintained a deep scholarly connection with his home state, attending Texas Connection Academy and taking many classes online. Not only has he gained a full high school education, he has succeeded in school as well, being named to the National Honor Society and earning valedictorian for 2018. All while becoming a better driver.


“I’m very proud, extremely blessed. It was very unexpected and it surprised us all. Last year was when a lot of the meat of my school time was, I worked a lot to get to a point where I could receive valedictorian,” Glasson told “I had to take seven AP classes which is a lot of work. I’d also have to take my school work with me when I went racing. It was a lot of balancing. I would spend numerous hours five or six days a week doing my school work to be able to keep up with school and racing.”


Glasson has no plans of stopping either his education or racing ambitions, as he will begin attending classes at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. For those fans of William Byron, it is indeed no coincidence.


“Thanks to William Byron I’m going to Liberty. I remember seeing Liberty on his Truck two years ago, I was looking for a school that would be close for my racing. We visited a couple of schools, including Liberty, and I just fell in love with it. There’s a lot of connections with me going there, I’ve met multiple people that are able to connect with me through the racing aspect, and it’s nice to be able to go to a school that has those connections.”


As for the racing side of things, the learning process is still continuing for Glasson and the Lee Faulk No. 5 team in 2018, which is primarily centered on Hickory Motor Speedway (NC). While the team is still in search of their first victory of the season, Glasson believes that a solid effort in CARS Tour competition may have given them the confidence they need going forward.


“The season is going well. We continue to make gains every single weekend. In the last CARS Tour race at Hickory we finished 10thout of 25 of some of the most competitive Late Model drivers I’ve ever raced against. We learned a lot that weekend. I’ll be back at Hickory at the end of the month and I’m looking to pick up a win there.”


Glasson is looking forward to racing for the rest of the summer, but just because he will be back at school in the fall, he has no intentions of slowing down.


“Short term, I’ll be leaving for Liberty in August and I’m looking to continue racing, whether that means racing locally and do as much with school as I can or concentrating on my racing in just the summer. But I do plan to continue racing.”


As for the far future, Glasson has his hopes and dreams, but he is going to wait until he can see what lies ahead on life’s road.


“Long term, that’s up to the Hand of God. I’m really open for whatever comes my way, whether that’s racing or the degree I’m going to get in college in mechanical engineering. Just going to go wherever He takes me and believe in whatever I’m going to do.”


-By: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo Credit: Cole Glasson Racing Facebook

Late Model Racer Scores Off the Track as Valedictorian