Last-Lap Contact Decides Show Me The Money Showdown

Just like at Five Flags Speedway the night prior, Saturday’s Show Me The Money Pro Late Model Series feature came down to a dramatic finish.  This time, it was Jake Garcia taking the win after contact with Christopher Tullis on the final lap of the race.

REPLAY: Show Me The Money Series at Montgomery

Tullis had led the 100-lap feature since lap 22, stretching out a considerable lead on the competition during a long green-flag run to end the race.  However, Garcia closed the gap after moving into second place with 31 laps to go.


The two drivers found themselves side-by-side on the final lap while trying to lap Jim Wall, who would finish eighth.  Garcia and Tullis made contact in the process, sending Tullis into both Jim Wall and the outside retaining wall as Garcia drove to the win.

“I just got to his outside off of two there and had a really good run,” Garcia told Speed51.  “I was a lot faster than he was, and the 91 car, a lapped car, he just slowed in the race track.

There really isn’t much you can do with a lapped car in the way like that.  We pretty much just pushed and shoved until we got to the finish line in that situation.  We managed to get to the finish line first, and that’s what matters.

While Garcia celebrated his victory, a dejected Tullis was frustrated by the last-lap contact derailing his chance at back-to-back wins to open the Show Me The Money Series in 2021.


“What can you say? You dominate the race.  I know the 35 was coming at the end, but I thought when I got to turn three, it was over with.

I don’t know.  I feel I have my respect because he just turned us into the lapped car and put us into the fence.  I don’t think this stuff is worth tearing that much junk up just to win a 100-lap race like this.

One night removed from a win at Five Flags Speedway with the Allen Turner Pro Late Model Series, Matt Craig closed out his doubleheader weekend with a third-place finish at Montgomery, earning a $500 bonus for best average finish between the two Pro Late Model events.


“This Pro Late Model racing lately has been really fun,” said Craig.  “We come down here to have fun and try to win some races.  Our program is really good, but we missed it a little bit tonight.  We were a little bit too free.  We made some adjustments based on the last time we were here and we were just a little bit too free.”


Race fans who missed Saturday’s race will be able to watch an on-demand replay on Speed51.TV by clicking here.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo


Spring Explosion 100 Unofficial Results

  1. Jake Garcia
  2. Christopher Tullis
  3. Matt Craig
  4. Chris Davidson
  5. Kyle Plott
  6. Augie Grill
  7. Hudson Halder
  8. Jim Wall
  9. Charlie Keeven
  10. Dylan Fetcho
  11. Hunter Wright
  12. Chase Spradlin
  13. Bryson Schaffer
  14. Gage Rogers
  15. JoJo Wilkinson
  16. Jeff Dawkins
  17. Nick McFarland
  18. Steven Chunn
  19. Brandon Curren
  20. Justin Bonnett
  21. Jeremy Williams
  22. John Bolen
  23. Landon DeVaughn
  24. Mark Day
  25. Jett Noland
  26. Jason Furrow

Last-Lap Contact Decides Show Me The Money Showdown