Already regarded as a great short track prize, the stakes for the 2018 running of the All American 400 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN) will be higher than anticipated when race teams arrive for race weekend November 2-4.


Since the Super Late Models returned, along with the full 400-lap distance in 2016, the Nashville staff led by the Formosa family has continued to pour in time, effort, and of course money to make the event a worthwhile destination for race teams nationwide. For 2018, a great $22,500 payday will be presented to the winner after those 400 laps.


It’s a prize that track General Manager Claire Formosa believes is more than just a fancy high number.


“With the money it takes to run these Super Late Model races and to do these multi-day shows, I feel like we are at a point where someplace like what Jukasa did, and races like that; those are phenomenal purses. I think it’s awesome that we are able to do this. But to be honest, this is a prize that is deserved when you’re talking about the kind of money it takes to run a race like this,” Formosa told


The Speedway will have something for all teams who make the trip to Tennessee for the first weekend of November. While the total purse is not finalized, it will be high and there will be plenty of contingencies to go along.


“It’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $60,000 probably,” Formosa explained.  “There’s also going to be a ton of contingency stuff, all the laps are sponsored, and the laps are $15 apiece. I’ve had a ton of great sponsors come onboard for the contingencies, so there’s a lot in it for all of the racers.”


Formosa is pleased with the progress made so far and wants to make it known that there is always an opening for any people or sponsors who still want to come onboard.  Fans and/or businesses can sponsor laps, with $15 going to the leader of each of the 400 laps.


“There are still some laps open and at any time if any people or sponsors want to come onboard and do contingencies, we will not turn anyone away.”


Pro Late Model teams competing during the weekend will also be competing for a big payday, with $5,000 going to the winner of the 100-lap race.


The pole winner(s) for both the Super Late Model and Pro Late Model races will receive an additional $250 bonus.


In addition to the big money that will be in line for teams, a few changes will await teams as well.


Long-time technical inspector Eddie Chew will be in control of the tech shed throughout the weekend to ensure a level playing field for all teams.


Hoosier F-45’s (left) and Hoosier F-50’s (right) will be the tires of choice throughout the weekend.  Teams will also be allowed a maximum of 14 tires for the race, which is an increase from one year ago.


For questions regarding contingency or lap sponsorship, plus any other topics can contact Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville at [email protected] or call 615-254-1986.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

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Large Winner’s Purse Set for 2018 All American 400