Large Field of Pro Late Models Expected Saturday at Wenatchee

The Fourth Annual “Jerry Berschauer Memorial 100 Presented by Jerry’s Auto Supply” is gathering
attention from Pro Late Model drivers throughout Washington and as far away as Wyoming. The
September 12 th event, at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval (WA), has garnered nearly 40 pre-entries,
making it one of the premiere events of the season in the Northwest region of the country. $2,500 will
be awarded to the winner of the 100-lap feature, and the Track Championship will be decided in the
Jerry’s Auto Supply Pro Late Models. A $500 bonus, from Plumb Perfect, is available to the top four
qualifiers, if they elect to start from the back and win.


There will be many “name” Pro Late Models drivers at the event. The list includes drivers such as Garrett
Evans, Braeden Havens, Dan and Dave Garber, Garrett Huffines, Mitch Kleyn, Kaeden Anderson and
many more. But three of the drivers that will draw the attention of many fans and fellow racers are
Haeden Plybon and brothers Glenn and Michael (Mike) Knutson. The 16-year-old Plybon is one of the
hottest up and coming drivers in the Northwest, while Glenn Knutson has dominated much of the Pro
Late Model Division over the last two seasons. He is now locked in a title battle with his brother Mike,
for the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval (WVSO) Crown, with just seven markers separating the two.


With the high stakes this weekend, Spokane, WA driver Haeden Plybon will be looking to spoil the family
affair, in the quest for the win. Plybon finished second to Glenn Knutson earlier this season at
Wenatchee, and will race the championship pair hard, but clean, as he looks for Pro Late Model win
number three of the season.


“Every time we go to the racetrack, we are there to go for the win”, Plybon stated. “I will definitely race
them clean, but we are there for one reason, and that is to win. I think to bring home the checkered we
will need a good qualifying effort, consistency, and a little bit of luck wouldn’t hurt either.”


The Stateline Speedway Pro Late Model championship leader will be looking for his first signature
victory this weekend. Plybon was running second in the $10,000-to-win “NAPA Auto Parts Idaho 208”, at
Meridian Speedway, behind Jeremy Doss two weeks ago. His chance for a victory was derailed late in
the race however, after contact with a lapped vehicle sent him to the rear. In the “Idaho 200”, at
Stateline Speedway, the young driver was racing with Doss and G. Knutson for the lead, when his motor
expired. Those experiences, as well as two runner-up finishes, including Wenatchee, have Plybon itching
for a big win.


“It would mean a lot to my team and I, to win a big race like that after the hard work we have put into
this season, Plybon explained. “The experience from running there (Wenatchee Valley Super Oval)
earlier this season will help. We had set a goal this season, to beat Glenn and Jeremy, and have not been
able to achieve that goal. The two of them are really good and we are hoping this is the race!”


Both Glenn and Mike Knutson are looking forward to the increased competition this weekend, as 38 Pro
Late Models are currently entered. Glenn is a three- time WVSO Champion, and a two-time Dennis
Smitham Memorial race winner at South Sound Speedway (WA) in the Street Stocks. He won the 2019
“Idaho 200” and “Jerry Berschauer Memorial” events. He has multiple wins at South Sound, WVSO, and
Stateline Speedway in the Late Models.


Mike is also a former winner of the “Jerry Berschauer Memorial” event. His victory came in 2017. When
asked about his biggest accomplishments in racing, Mike attributed his successes to his family team as a
whole, and not an individual achievement.


“It is hard to pick my biggest accomplishment”, Mike began. “Each loss is an accomplishment in itself
because I am able to learn something. My brother’s and I work hard to build these cars together. We
put our blood, sweat, and heart into it. Even when we fight and bit** at each other, we come together
to win races and championships. As our father always told us ‘one Knutson is strong, many Knutson’s,
you better watch out!’.”


Mike continued, “The other accomplishment is now being able to watch the passion of racing in my
boys. My son Tyson just got a go kart and will be racing a few races this year.”


Both brothers feel this weekend’s large field will lead to more exciting racing and both are pleased to
settle the championship in this fashion.


“This race is another battle, and the fact that the car count is high makes it even better”, elder brother
Mike stated. “I believe there will be racing all the way around the track, which will be awesome. The bad
part is there will be lapped traffic. I hope the lapped traffic will respect the leaders. My attitude going
into the race is I am going to win the race, and all the drivers should be coming with the same
mentality. This attitude among the drivers will bring some great racing to WVSO. I hope to be in Victory
Lane at the end of the battle.”


Glenn added, “I feel like it will be a challenge with the different levels of drivers coming in for this race,
but it will make for an exciting race. I’d rather have the cars there then not, that’s for sure. Hopefully, we
can put on a good show for the fans.”


With the championship coming down to the final event on the schedule, Mike is enjoying the
competition with his brother. Last season, Glenn edged his older brother for the championship, but with
only a seven-point deficit, and a large field, it is anyone’s guess who will come out on top. Mike would
love to bring the championship home and secure bragging rights for the season, against his younger


“Absolutely it makes it more fun”, Mike exclaimed! “I always love to be able to serve my brother a piece
of the humble pie. My brother’s and I have a great relationship and enjoy competing against each other.
Glenn has been on top of his game this year and it would feel good to serve some pie. My brother
Christopher has worked his butt off on my car, to be able to get me to each race. I am grateful for all his
hard work, while I am tending to my businesses. As far as a rivalry, just watch the race.”


Glenn on the other hand would like to see a continuance of his strong season, and a second
championship in-a-row for the Quincy, WA driver.


“Yes, it is pretty fun (competing against my brother). We got to compete against each other last year for
the championship, I just hope it turns out the same result. Either way, it’s proud knowing that we both
can be one and two and have some successful results.”


The brothers have their sights on beating each other but they will also have a full field of Pro Late Model
drivers to compete with. One of those competitors will be Haeden Plybon, who has shown his speed this
season. The quick qualifier at the “NAPA Auto Parts Idaho 208” will definitely be on the radar, as will
Garrett Evans and Kaiden Anderson.


Haeden will always be competitive, you can’t keep your eyes off him”, Glenn detailed. “I feel like there
will be a really stout group of drivers, especially with my brother Mike and Garrett Evans running with
us. It’s always nice to race against really high competition, and it makes for a fun race. There’s a ton
more guys that can maneuver their way to the front, and should never be counted out. I was really
impressed with Kaiden Anderson at Meridian (Speedway). He was really good there, and I can see him
being strong at Wenatchee.”


Mike was a little less philosophical when looking at this weekend’s competition and expressed his
feelings on the rear bumper of his car.


“The back of my car says it all; ‘Winners worry about winning, losers worry about winners’.”


Glenn will enter this championship event with a slight question mark with his equipment. In the last
event, he was involved in an accident while attempting to make an outside pass for the lead. In that
incident he was the victim, but his primary car was damaged enough to prevents its use this weekend.
Glenn will be driving one of Garrett Evans Super Late Models.


“I’ll be in the Evans Racing Ford Senneker Performance Chassis this weekend”, Glenn volunteered. “My
car got damaged in the last race at WVSO, so without hesitation Garrett offered this car to me to race
for the championship. It’s very humbling to have the support I have, and I’m very appreciative of the
opportunity given to me.”


In these days of Covid-19, both of the brothers are happy to be participating in an event such as this, at
the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. They are both disappointed to have empty grandstands, but are
thankful to have to have a broadcast partner working with the track.


“With 40 cars from all over, and some big names coming in, this weekend’s race will not be one to
disappoint” Glenn stated. “I encourage everyone to watch online and spread the word. Anything to
support the track and the sponsors is greatly encouraged.”


Mike put forth the same sentiment.


“My biggest fans are my kids; Bristol, Tyson, and Korbin who love to watch. I love to see full stands and it
has been hard not to have that this year. I hope that all the fans, not just mine, tune into NCWLIFE
Channel to watch some live racing action. We will put on a great show for you!”


Mike is also thankful for all the support he and his brother have received from both family and friends as
well as a Northwest racing legend and track promotor.


“I do need to give credit where credit is due. I need to say thank you for all the support from Garrett
Evans. Garrett has supported many racers in the Northwest racing community and has made a great
impact. I’d like to also thank my brothers, Christopher for working on my car, and Glenn for the setup
advice. Jeremy Anders also deserves thanks for all of his hard work in promoting the WVSO. Dars
Photography does a great job for WVSO with footage and always some great commentary and Shari
Garber for her bad a** photography/videos and being a great ambassador to NW racing.”


Mike concluded, “Last but not least (well sometimes last) my wife for putting up with my schedule and
my Mom for always showing up (even if it is because she is there for Glenn).”


The Pro Late Model A-Main will have 18 cars Locked in on time through Qualifying. The remaining cars
will race in one or two B-Main’s, depending on car count. With 35 or more cars, there will be two B-
Mains for 20 laps each. With 34 or fewer, one B-Main will go off for 30 laps for the 6 remaining spots.
The Promoter has the option to add one provisional to the field, for a driver in the top-five of the
current points.


The Pro Late Models will be joined by the Legends, Bandoleros, Road Runners and Junior Late Models.
Practice on Saturday begins for all divisions at 2:10 pm with Group Qualifying beginning at 5:00 pm for
all divisions except the Pro Late Models. Individual Qualifying for the Pro Late Models is scheduled for
5:30 pm. Racing actions gets underway at 6:05 pm.


The event is brought to the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval because of track sponsors Shepherds Oil LLC,
Franks Radio Service, Knutson General Contracting LLC., Plumb Perfect Plumbing, North Valley
Mechanical and title sponsor Jerry’s Auto Supply. The live TV Broadcast on NCWLIFE will begin at 6:00
pm PST.


Pre-Entry as of 9/09/2020 (38 cars)
2 Terry Halverson – East Wenatchee WA
02 Todd Connell – Moxee WA.
4 Brad Morrison – Moses Lake WA
6 Gary Homad – East Wenatchee WA.
7 Dillon Huffines – Selah WA.
9 Kody Graham – Ellensburg WA.
9 Mitch Kleyn – Quincy WA
12 Michael D Brooks – Olympia WA.
12 Chad Fitzpatrick – Lake Stevens WA.
13 Matt Doyle – Orting WA
17 Chris Miner – Ephrata WA.
18 Tyson Lang – Lake Stevens WA.
22 Jake Woods – Moxee WA.
24 Jerod Marin – Othello WA.
28 Ben Reid – Waterville WA.
33 Rocky Cocker – Wenatchee WA
34 Josh Mackenzie – East Wenatchee WA
37 Kaiden Anderson – Yakima WA.
37d Dario Retych – Snohomish WA.
38 Alex Ludeman – Waterville WA.
40 Jason Ogle – Seattle WA.
42 Lance Elliot – Laramie WY
42 Garrett Huffines – Selah WA.
43 Garret Sawyer – Spokane WA
51 Michael Knutson – George WA.
55 Haeden Plybon – Spokane WA.
64 Garrett Evans – East Wenatchee WA.
64k Glenn Knutson – Quincy WA.
64j Jake Nakano – Centralia WA.
68 Bart Hector Jr – Ephrata WA.
71 Justin Dunagan – Ephrata WA.
83 Braeden Havens – Airway Heights WA.
83j Jess Havens – Airway Heights WA
93 Dave Garber – Spokane WA.
95 Dan Garber – Spokane WA.
95b Buck Noel Jr – Selah WA.
97 Josh Ingram – East Wenatchee WA.
98 Greg Bennett – Seattle WA.


-Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Press Release and Photo

Large Field of Pro Late Models Expected Saturday at Wenatchee