Lapped Car Admits to Changing Outcome of Street Stock Race

It appeared that Brett Hudson was well on his way to a fourth consecutive Shadybowl Speedway CRA Street Stock Four Crown win Saturday evening, but a lapped car would ultimately change that outcome.


The Kentucky driver struggled to put Buck Purtee a lap down in the waning laps, which would evaporate Hudson’s big lead.  While in the commotion, Hudson had the win stolen from him after Jason Atkinson took the lead away with five laps remaining in the race.


Speed51 talked to both Hudson and Purtee Monday afternoon to get their sides of the story.  Hudson had dominated the second half of the 150-lap event before attempting to put Purtee a lap down late in the race.


“Well, I heard that he was there to make sure I didn’t win and that’s basically what he did,” Hudson said.  “I think he was running in the top-five or six I think, and then with 20 or 30 to go I think he gave up and waited for me. He ran me all over the track until second place got by me.


“I had won there the last three years and me and him had some help beating and banging on a short track.  That’s his home track, he didn’t like it I guess.”


Purtee admitted to holding Hudson back and costing him the race, mentioning events that had transpired in the previous two races.  He led late in both races, including having led 169 laps in 2019, before incidents with Hudson ended his chances of winning.


He had been running on the edge of the top-five at the final restart, but had fallen off as the laps wore down. With Hudson closing in on him, Purtee made his move.


“The car wasn’t very good, I’ll tell you that.  And the way I was raced the last three years by Hudson, I wasn’t going to make it easy for him to get around.  I got my point across,” Purtee said.

“I was leading the race with ten to go two years ago and he took me out, and I was leading the race with 11 to go last year and he took me out.  He took two races from me and I took one from him.” – Buck Purtee

Hudson was still left disappointed in what had happened Saturday night.  After what transpired, he stated that Saturday night may be the final time he makes the trip to Shadybowl.  With both drivers running limited schedules with CRA, Hudson is unsure when he’ll see Purtee at the track again.


“That’s the only track I ever race against him at so either I won’t be back because that’s not racing.  If we were battling for the lead is one thing, but to wait on a guy leading the race, that ain’t racing.  I don’t know what can be done about it, I don’t think I’m going back.”


As with Hudson, Purtee isn’t too worried about what will transpire between the two the next time they see each other, mentioning his limited appearances with the sanctioning body.


“I probably won’t see him again until next year.  I don’t run too many CRA races.  I might run two or three every year and it’s at the Bowl when I usually see him, but that’s something you never know until that day.”


Lost in the commotion was Jason Atkinson taking his second consecutive CRA Street Stock points-paying win to start off the 2021 season.  He had run in the top-five the entire race, but couldn’t quite find the speed needed on the short run to lead the way.


He had been reeling in Hudson before the leader caught Purtee, but the two’s run-in opened the door for the defending CRA Street Stock Four Crown champion.


“This is a big win for me and my team.  It was really hard to pass on the outside here tonight but the track was really good, simply hard to pass.  All these cars are great cars, it’s tough to beat these guys.”


-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo credit: Speed51


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Lapped Car Admits to Changing Outcome of Street Stock Race