Cresco, IA – Rodney Sanders rebounded from a forgettable three-night showing to wrap up the Labor Day Weekend with an impressive win at the Cresco Speedway in the next-to-last event in the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup powered by S&S Fishing & Rental.

Casey Arneson jumped out front when the green flag waved with Jesse Sobbing, points leader Jason Hughes and Sanders in tow at the end of the opening lap.

Hughes and Sanders both snuck by Sobbing on lap 3 and began a battle that lasted until the checkered flag waved over the 35-lapper.

Arneson was flawless as he continually held Hughes at bay while Sanders searched high and low for a way to get around Hughes.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gustin cracked the top five on the sixth lap as ‘The Reaper’ quickly climbed up the ranks after starting in the 12th spot.

By lap 10, Gustin and Sobbing joined the lead trio to keep the fans glued to the action at the front of the field.

Lapped traffic came into play by lap 20 and Sanders took advantage on lap 23 to sneak around the outside of Hughes and take over second.

Gustin followed into third three laps later, and then Sanders made his move on lap 28 to claw his way past Arneson to grab the lead with six orbits remaining.

Getting a bit too high on lap 30, Gustin allowed Hughes and Sobbing to go by while Sanders began to march away from Arneson, eventually taking the win by ten car-lengths.

Hughes, who came into the event leading Sanders by a mere 10 points in the fight to become the 2015 USMTS National Champion, was third when he followed Arneson underneath the white flag but a bold low-side move in the final turn gave Hughes the runner-up finish as he beat Arneson to the stripe by a bumper.

How big was the pass for second?

A third-place finish would have left Hughes and Sanders tied atop the standings heading into the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup finale on the first night of the 17 Annual Featherlite Fall Jamboree on Thursday, Sept. 24.

However, Hughes’s last-lap heroics left him with a four-point cushion over Sanders when they left Cresco.

Destiny is in their own hands now. A win in the final points race almost assuredly will seal the deal for either driver.

Sanders has won six of the last eleven USMTS main events at the Deer Creek Speedway. The last of Hughes’s eleven career wins at ‘The Creek’ came in the Featherlite Fall Jamboree finale in 2013. Sanders finished second in that race while Hughes has finished second to Sanders in three of his last four wins there.

The win was the 64 of Sanders’s USMTS career and worth $3,000 to the 25-year-old from Happy, Texas.

Arneson was a solid third-place paycheck earner while Sobbing held off Gustin for the fourth spot. Stormy Scott, Dereck Ramirez, Joe Duvall, Cory Crapser and Dan Ebert rounded out the top 10.

After round 13 of 14 in the Hunt for the Casey’s Cup, Hughes leads Sanders by four points (1232 to 1228). Although mathematically eliminated from any possibility to win the championship, Scott and Sobbing are locked in a heated battle for third with Scott ahead by seven markers (1136 to 1129).

The rest of the top 10 are up for grabs as well. In the race for a top-five points finish, Ramirez has a nine-point cushion over Zack VanderBeek (1051 to 1042) while just 44 points separate the next six drivers. Brent Larson sits seventh with 889 points, followed by Duvall (885), Arneson (861) and Cade Dillard (853). Crapser and Daniel Hilsabeck are tied for the 11th spot with 845 points each.

America’s undisputed marquee mega-event for dirt modifieds-the Featherlite Fall Jamboree-blasts off three weeks from today, and this year’s battle between the Best of the Best the sport has to offer promises to be the biggest ever with the boldest payoffs in event history.

Fans will continue to witness a complete program all three nights highlighted by the United States Modified Touring Series in their final event of the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup powered by S&S Fishing & Rental and the crowning of the 2015 USMTS National Champion on Thursday night.

The Holley Iron Man Series featuring USRA B-Mods will share the spotlight all three nights. More than 200 cars and drivers are expected in two classes and nearly $200,000 in posted awards possible.

Set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24-26, USMTS Modifieds will be shooting for a $5,000 each of the first two nights and a whopping $10,000 winner’s share on Saturday.

Fan may purchase tickets online at or by calling toll-free 877-DCS-RACE.

The Deer Creek Speedway is a high-banked 3/8-mile clay oval which sits on 60 acres with one of America’s most popular state-of-the-art racing complexes and an adjoining campground. For track or campground info, call 507-346-2342 or email [email protected].

To learn more about the United States Modified Touring Series, visit online or call 515-832-7944. You can also like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

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United States Modified Touring Series
The Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup powered by S&S Fishing & Rental – Round 13 of 14
Cresco Speedway, Cresco, Iowa
Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015

Showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, car number, driver, hometown, chassis/engine builder, laps completed and money won. All drivers were locked into the “A” Main, with the top 8 in heat race passing points re-drawing for starting positions 1-8.

MSD HEAT RACE #1 (8 laps):
1. (1) 2 Casey Arneson (R), Fargo, N.D.
2. (4) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, TX.
3. (3) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla.
4. (6) 97 Cade Dillard, Robeline, La.
5. (5) 4a Joel Alberts, Mantorville, Minn.
6. (7) 2 Grant Junghans, Manhattan, Kan.
7. (2) 28 Bill Clemens, Chatfield, Minn.

1. (1) 07 Cory Crapser (R), Chippewa Falls, Wis.
2. (5) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.
3. (2) 60 Dan Ebert, (R) Lake Shore, Minn.
4. (7) 2s Stormy Scott, Arroyo Hondo, N.M.
5. (4) 72 Doug Hillson, Blooming Prairie, Minn.
6. (6) 56h Brandon Hare, Elma, Iowa.
7. (3) 59 Bob Sammann, Winona, Minn.

1. (1) IOU1 Brent Larson, Lake Elmo, Minn.
2. (3) 99 Jesse Sobbing (R), Malvern, Iowa.
3. (2) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla.
4. (6) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa.
5. (7) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa.
6. (4) 22d Daniel Hilsabeck, Adel, Iowa.
7. (5) 23k Ben Kates (R), Tonganoxie, Kan.

1. (6) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas, MBCustom/Geddes, 35, $3000.
2. (4) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla., Hughes/Mullins, 35, $1700.
3. (2) 2 Casey Arneson (R), Fargo, N.D., GRT/Durham, 35, $1200.
4. (5) 99 Jesse Sobbing (R), Malvern, Iowa, MBCustom/Sput’s, 35, $1000.
5. (12) 19r Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, Hughes/Mullins, 35, $900.
6. (3) 2s Stormy Scott, Arroyo Hondo, N.M., MBR/Mullins, 35, $800.
7. (7) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla., LG2/Cornett, 35, $700.
8. (10) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla., MBCustom/Wornhor, 35, $650.
9. (8) 07 Cory Crapser (R), Chippewa Falls, Wis., GRT/Tim’s, 35, $600.
10. (9) 60 Dan Ebert (R), Lake Shore, Minn., Impressive/Speedwerx, 35, $550.
11. (14) 4a Joel Alberts, Mantorville, Minn., GRT/Action, 35, $400.
12. (21) 23k Ben Kates (R), Tonganoxie, Kan., GRT/Mullins, 34, $450.
13. (17) 56h Brandon Hare, Elma, Iowa, Skyrocket/Sput’s, 34, $350.
14. (20) 59 Bob Sammann, Winona, Minn., LG2/KSE, 33, $325.
15. (11) 97 Cade Dillard, Robeline, La., Hughes/Geddes, 24, $400.
16. (18) 22d Daniel Hilsabeck, Adel, Iowa, Hilsabeck/Mullins, 23, $350.
17. (15) 72 Doug Hillson, Blooming Prairie, Minn., GRT/Fast, 22, $250.
18. (16) 2 Grant Junghans, Manhattan, Kan., MBCustom/Sput’s, 13, $300.
19. (19) 28 Bill Clemens, Chatfield, Minn., GRT/Clemens, 12, $250.
20. (13) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa, LG2/Sput’s, 11, $400.
21. (1) IOU1 Brent Larson, Lake Elmo, Minn., Shaw/Mullins, 0, $400.

(R) = Rookie of the Year contender.

Lap Leaders: Arneson 1-28, Sanders 29-35.
Total Laps Led: Arneson 28, Sanders 7.
Margin of Victory: 2.522 seconds.
Provisional Starters: none.
Sybesma Graphics Pole Award: Hughes.
Hard Charger: Kates (started 21st, finished 12th).
Entries: 21.
Next Race: Thursday, Sept. 24, Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Hunt for the Casey’s Cup Points: Hughes 1232, Sanders 1228, Scott 1136, Sobbing 1129, Ramirez 1051, VanderBeek 1042, Larson 889, Duvall 885, Arneson 861, Dillard 853.
Rookie of the Year Points: Sobbing 2117, Arneson 1787, Kates 1541, Crapser 1496, Ebert 1314.
COMP Cams Engine Builder of the Year Points: Geddes 394, Mullins 363, Sput’s 359, Durham 237, Cornett 233.
Manufacturers Championship Points: MBCustom 442, LG2 382, GRT 367, Hughes 353, Hilsabeck 143.

Story By: USMTS PR

Photo Credit: Zachary Kriener

Labor Day Weekend Ends With a Boom for Sanders