The Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP) has been established by the family of late NASCAR Champion Alan Kulwicki to help worthy drivers along the way in reaching their dream, while at the same time keeping alive Alan’s memory and legacy.


The program will provide assistance to up-and-coming racers in several different ways. A one-time stipend will provide financial support in covering operational expenses, transportation costs, entry fees and assistance with necessary equipment. Staff and friends of the Kulwicki Driver Development Program will assist participants in areas such as sponsorship development; publicity, marketing, social media, business education, industry networking and relationship building.


KDDP is aimed at the “grass roots” racer. The program hopes to identify and assist a driver in the early stages of his or her career. While Alan Kulwicki did it “his way,” going from a track champion at Slinger (WI) Speedway, to winning American Speed Association (ASA) races across the United States, to an owner-driver on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit in just a few short years. Only through Alan’s drive, his determination, and the dedication of a handful of talented crew members was he able to become the 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Champion.


The Kulwicki Driver Development Program hopes to play a significant role in developing the next generation of America’s short track racers, serving as a steward not only for Alan’s legacy, but for the growth of asphalt late model racing. If Alan were with us today, he would have his eye on the short tracks, looking for the next young racer with the drive to succeed. Through strategic partnerships and relationships, the KDDP hopes to become a crucial link in helping a handful of young men and women achieve their racing dreams.


Drivers will have experience in late model racing. There is no age limit, but preference will be given to candidates between the ages of 18 and 25.

–7 drivers from across the nation will be selected by the KDDP to contend for the “Kulwicki Cup.”

–One-time stipend to each competitor of $7,777 at beginning of 2015 racing season

–Aforementioned support to the 7 drivers throughout season.

–7 drivers selected agree to abide by rules & regulations established by KDDP. Included in agreement will be mandatory ID on car & driver’s uniform and code of conduct.

–“Kulwicki Cup” winner is not totally based on their on-track results, but on their overall “performance” on and off the track. The winner, selected by the KDDP (with potential involvement from fans/media/general public) best exemplifies the “Alan Kulwicki style” of competitor.

–Voting will be done on quarterly basis and results publicized in far-reaching manner including news releases, web sites and social media platforms.

–Winner will be announced on November 7, 2015.

–“Kulwicki Cup” winner receives check for $7,777 X 7 ($54,439), distinctive trophy & more.

–Winner will be honored at “Kulwicki Cup” dinner/banquet held on December 14th (Alan’s birthday) at selected location to be announced during the 2015 season.

The application form and other information on the KDDP is currently available on the official website at


-Kulwicki Driver Development Program Press Release. Photo Credit: RacingOne/Getty Images

Kulwicki Development Program Details Announced