Kulwicki DDP Finalist Kicking Off Season at Wiscasset

All racecar drivers dream big and Wyatt Alexander is one with some especially big dreams. This past month, he achieved one of them with his selection to the 2021 Kulwicki Driver Development Program, with the goal of aiming for the next level of his racing dreams.

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“It’s fantastic, it’s something I’ve been trying to achieve for some years now. I’ve applied for the program several times now and to be included as a finalist is something I’ve really hoped for. I’m grateful to the Kulwicki board for including me. It’s a great honor and I’m excited to see what this year holds,” Alexander told Speed51.


Since moving to Super Late Models, the third-generation driver has competed throughout his home state of Maine, and even in North Carolina while attending school in Charlotte. But, Alexander has found that home is the place to be, transferring to the University of Maine two years ago, and going from a touring to weekly schedule for racing in 2020.  At least, that was the plan before COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head.


Now with the racing world mostly back in order, Alexander is ready to launch into what is already a dream season, starting this coming Saturday at Wiscasset Speedway.


Recently named as a finalist for the Kulwicki Driver Development Program for 2021, Wyatt Alexander will race at Wiscasset Speedway Saturday.


“I feel pretty good, Wiscasset is a place I have a lot of laps around, I’ve just never taken this racecar there. I haven’t actually raced a Super Late Model at Wiscasset since 2017, so it’s been a while. So, it’s going to take a little getting used to, and we didn’t get to practice last Saturday because of all the bad weather we’ve been having. But, I feel so comfortable at Wiscasset that I think we’ll get a handle on it, just a matter of when.”


While Alexander will be running select races at Wiscasset, while running weekly at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway down the coast, Wiscasset is a chance to run in more of home environment.


“I don’t know if we’ve had much of a home track, my grandfather started racing at Spud, way up north. Then the closest track to us is Speedway 95, but they race Late Models and not Super Late Models. So yeah; Wiscasset really is our home track, because it’s the closest one we can race at. Yeah, it is.”


Never shying away from believe in having a chance at winning Saturday, Wiscasset’s season opener will be a great real world test for the entire season ahead.


“We’re planning to race there five or six times this year, knowing that this weekend will be a good shakedown. It will give us a good idea for the setup before we go back to Wiscasset the next time. Overall, I’m just excited to get on track, and get on with the season.”


Critically, it will be a time to shake all the rust off before racing for a title at Beech Ridge.

It would be a good confidence booster, that’s the biggest thing about this weekend. I feel confident we have our equipment and our program to the best it’s ever been, it’s just a matter of keeping it that way. The hard part with racing Super Late Models, it seems like whenever the wind changes, you’re starting all over setup wise. The momentum we got from last year is good confidence wise. But, just getting one race out of the way, separate from the points race at Beech Ridge will be good.

With the semester finishing up in Orono, and racing season commencing in both Wiscasset and Scarborough, this may be the most hectic time of the year for Alexander. But, he feels if he can tough it out, he’ll have plenty of mettle left for the season to come.


“After we race at Wiscasset Saturday, we’re going to an open test Sunday at Beech Ridge, then we start racing there the following Saturday right away. Definitely a lot to look forward to this year, this is the busiest schedule we’ve ever had planned. Part of that has to do with us racing locally versus doing mainly big pay touring shows, like we’ve been doing. So, it’s quite the undertaking but we’re looking forward to it.”


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Correspondent – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51


Kulwicki DDP Finalist Kicking Off Season at Wiscasset