Brett Kressley captured his first ever Small Block Modified victory Tuesday night at Bridgeport Speedway for Bridgeport’s Three-For-All special.

After a high pill draw Tuesday night, Kressley rolled out ninth in his heat race.

“The track was good and real racy,” noted Kressley. “We were able to make our way up to second in the heat.”

Kressley’s heat race finish put him in the top-12 redraw for the feature.  Kressley redrew third for the 25-lap main event. 

“Right from the drop of the green we got to second,” he said. “(Ryan) Godown maintained about a ten car-length lead. I rode for seventeen laps hoping there would be a caution to jumble the field back up. On lap 17 a caution came out in my favor. It actually turned into a red flag. The red helped me get a better reading on the track.”

Kressley fired on the restart, dove to the outside and beat Godown into the first turn and charged out of turn two as the new leader.

“There was a caution with five to go,” he said. “I had a great restart, went back to the top and brought home the win.”

Tuesday’s victory marked Kressley’s first ever Small Block Modified win at Bridgeport. 

Kressley and the team were set to race at Big Diamond Speedway on Friday but due to Mother Nature the race was canceled.

Saturday saw the team back at Grandview Speedway. 

The evening kicked off with a makeup feature where Kressley rolled off in twelfth but only made a few laps and pulled off due to overheating problems. 

In the heat race Kressley started fifth and maneuvered his way through to finish second, placing him fifth for the 30-lap main event. 

Kressley found his way up to second in just a matter of ten laps in the feature.

“I began to chase (Doug) Manmiller down,” he said. “I got up to his bumper a couple of times in lapped traffic but it was tough. I caught back up to him again with one lap to go but couldn’t quite make the crossover. He beat us by two car lengths.”

Kressley closed out the week on Sunday at Big Diamond Speedway for the ‘North Vs. South Anthracite Assault.’

Kressley ran second in his heat after starting fifth, placing him in the top-ten redraw for the 50-lap main event.  

“Unfortunately I was in the last heat and ended up with what was left for the draw which was eighth,” Kressley noted. “I felt a little underpowered from the drop of the green. We were in the top ten until lap 15 or so then started to drop back. We wound up making some contact with another car, breaking stuff in the rear so we pulled off.” 

Next on tap for Kressley and the team is Grandview Speedway on Saturday.


July 11 – Bridgeport Speedway; Heat: 2 (9); Feature: 1 (3)
July 15 – Grandview Speedway; Makeup Feature: DNF; Heat: 2 (5); Feature: 2 (5)
July 16 – Big Diamond Speedway; Heat: 2 (5); Feature: DNF (8)


33 races – 3 wins, 7 top 5’s, 13 top 10’s


Saturday, July 22 – Grandview Speedway

Story By: Mandee Pauch

Photo Credit: Rick Sweeten Images

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