KRC Power Steering has developed and released a new power steering pump designed specifically with Late Model racers in mind.  The new Elite Series power steering pump has the same nine levels of adjustability as the Pro Series III pump but at a fraction of the cost.


“We’re known for $700 power steering pumps that are relied upon by your Cup teams and your very high-end professional race teams,” explained Jeff Butcher, the Director of Marketing at KRC.  “So what we’ve done is developed this new pump to be attractive to your short track racers.  We’ve carried over many of the features from our Pro Series III line and built them into the Elite series.”


The new Elite Series pump from KRC Power Steering.

The new Elite Series pump from KRC Power Steering.

The new Elite Series pumps start as low as $299.98, according to Butcher, making this line of pumps more attractive for short track racers who race on a budget.


“You’re getting what you need, but at a price point that’s very attractive to your short track racers.  It’s light weight, compact and all these things that are key for short track guys.  And we wanted to do all that at a price point that’s affordable.”


Butcher explained that the casting process for the new Elite Series pumps is different from what KRC has been doing with the Pro Series III, and that has what helped lower the cost so much with the new Elite Series line.


“The casting process is a little bit different, but once we’re done inspecting the raw casting and goes through our process, it’ll get the job done and it’ll do well.  We’ve maintained the adjustability and driver feel.  If we didn’t have the $700 pump this would still be the best pump on the market.”


Butcher stressed that the Elite Series line that is manufactured in Kennesaw, Georgia will still maintain the same levels of adjustability that racers have come to expect from KRC’s Pro Series III power steering pumps.


“We have nine levels of adjustable feel with the KRC Adjustable Flow technology.  It goes from firm to light.  You change a fitting real quick and you can change the feel to optimize what each driver what wants.  That was developed in our Pro Series and we’ve transferred it to the Elite Series.”


The new Elite Series line is available now at


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: KRC Power Steering

KRC Releases New Pump With Late Model Racers in Mind