KRC Power Steering Making It Easy & Saving Horsepower

KRC Power Steering has been designing reliable, high-quality power steering pumps and pulley systems since 1997.  Through its innovation and success, the brand has become a top option for short track racers who visit victory lane at race tracks throughout North America.


In addition to being a reliable product that allows racers to steer their cars into victory lane, KRC’s pumps have proven to save racers valuable horsepower.


“We’re able to save anywhere from two to five horsepower with our pumps,” said Cody Haskins, Vice President of KRC Power Steering.  “We kind of got in the market there with the NASCAR teams, and that short track program has evolved to come affordably to the racers themselves.  We’ve got a very strong deal whether it be a Pro Late Model or Super Late Model.”


Like the race cars themselves, KRC has focused on making power steering kits that make the process easy for racers.  Through their design process, the company has built a bolt-on package for Super Late Model and Pro Late Model racers.


“You used to go build everything.  Now whether it’s a Fury, Rowdy, a Grill car, Senneker cars, everything is able to be bought right off the shelf and fit.  That’s kind of what we did with our Super Late Model program, as well as our crate program,” Haskins said.  “Everything comes as a package and all you do is bolt it on, everything fits off the bat.  We design everything in CAD and CAM, import it straight into the machine so everything is absolutely perfect.  You can go straight on the engine, save horsepower and win races.”


In addition to serving as the Vice President of KRC Power Steering, Haskins is also a racer himself.  The former Kulwicki Driver Development Program champion uses his racing program as a way to ensure that KRC’s products are ready to be released to the public.


“It’s nice.  We design everything in CAD and CAM, usually I design the stuff to go win races on mine, do a little testing and release it to the public,” Haskins said.  “We have the ability to design it, plastic print it, fit it on an engine, make jaws, cut parts, and then I’m able to import them, put them on my race car and go test them before we release them to the public.  We do a lot with Bubba Pollard and a lot of big names to make sure we have nice stuff to release at these PRI shows and on”


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-Story by: Brandon Paul, Speed51 Content Manager – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51

KRC Power Steering Making It Easy & Saving Horsepower