Engineered  Power  with Adjustable KRC Series III Pumps

Precision engineering creates a lightweight KRC Power Steering System that turns you through the middle & drives you off the corner. Gain HP due to surface finishes that give your driver needed feel while running efficiently. KRC Adjustable Flow Control for optimal feel & performance. KRC Power Steering Fluid, Lightweight High Performance Pumps, Engine Bracket Kits, Coolers, Filters & Serpentine Pulley Kits –  KRC Has you Covered.

Innovation Manufactured to Perform
KRC Power Steering Adjustable Feel Control Valves

Customize your steering feel from maximum to minimum assist. KRC Series III Pumps can be quickly adjusted to find the perfect feel for every driver. In minutes, fine tune your power steering system for the feed back your driver wants.


KRC Has Power Steering Pumps, Crate Engine Kits & More