Once again, the weather failed to cooperate with racing at the South Bend Motor Speedway. But, it did not keep the drivers from putting on another exciting show on a very warm Saturday night. Slight sprinkles just as the first heat race was making its way onto the track delayed activity only a few minutes. Melissa Keuhs, Zack Newgent and Danny Brown Sr each picked up their first wins of the season while Mike Long took home his second win and Charlie Hanna notched his third.

First on the program, once again was the popular Hornet division. A total of 22 entries resulted in the running of an A and a B feature. Melissa Keuhs of Hobart bested Chris Bales of New Carlisle to take her first ever win at the speedway. South Bend drivers, Michael Werntz, Delbert Davis and Maggie McIntyre followed with Jeff Keller of Elkhart losing an engine on the last lap to finish sixth after leading most of the event. In the twenty lap A feature, Zach Newgent held off points leader Richele Wolkens of Niles for his first win of the year. Ryan Scott of South Bend posted his best finish of the season with third over Rich Homan of Niles and Paul Fontenelli of LaPorte. Rookie Victoria Wolkens of Niles, in her best finish to date, led Terry Brittain Jr of South Bend, Lizzy Wolkens of Niles, tim Leslie of New Carlisle and Samantha Wolkens of Niles to round out the top ten. Werntz scored his first ever win in the first heat ahead of Bales, Keller and Tyler Mead of Niles while Bobby Alwine of Bremen took heat two over Brittain Jr and Newgent. Richele Wolkens won heat three ahead of Leroy Dick of Granger and Leslie with Ryan Scott besting Fontanelli and Lizzy Wolkens in heat four. Samantha Wolkens was top qualifier with a lap of 15.804. Werntz and Alwine dedicated their wins to Dad’s and Lads owner, Jack Martzolf who continues to battle health issues.

The twenty lap Front Wheel Drive feature went to fast qualifier (14.433) Mike Long of South Bend ahead of fellow South Bend driver Eryn Hartz, and Sean Stuart of North Liberty. Corey Woods of South Bend and Michael Ferrara of Walkerton followed with South Bend drivers Joe Merrill and Rowdy Ronnie Holloway, Jason Harman of Elkhart, Jim Merrill of South Bend and Kyle Plencner of South Bend completing the top ten. In heat race action, Hartz topped Joe Merill and David Keuhs of Hobart in heat one as Long topped Holaway and Woods in heat two.

The always exciting 25 lap Kniola Street Stock feature saw far less carnage than a week ago. At the end, it was Danny Brown Sr of New Carlisle, driving his son’s car, taking the win. Austin Woodcox of LaPorte picked up the runner-up position ahead of a much improved Kenneth Dodd of Osceola, Tim Thurston of Niles and Matt Maurer of Granger. South Bend drivers Ray Baer and Derek Wunder, Greg Gifford of Michigan City, Rich Hensley of South Bend and last week’s winner, Chad McGinnis of Niles finished the top ten. James Haisley of South Bend, another Dad’s and Lads driver, survived a wreck strewn first heat to take the win over McGinnis and Dodd. Doug Close was removed from his car, after he slammed the wall hard in turn one, but was okay. Gifford bested Woodcix and Thurston in heat two. Derek Wunder turned in fast time with a lap of 13.736.

The Bellman Oil Company Outlaw Late Model thirty lap main saw 15 drivers take the green flag from starter Lance Miller with Charlie Hanna of Goshen taking his third win of the season over Rich Boal of Plymouth, Nick Kretchmer of Granger and Kenny Lollar Jr of Buchanan. Scott Ross of Plymouth beat out Bradley Blackburn Jr of Goshen, Vern Sauer of Lakeville, Robert Haisley of South Bend and John Streeting of LaPorte completing the top ten. Streeting scored the win in heat one over Kevin Sauer of Lakeville and Kretchmer with young standout Jacob Maynard of Elkhart topping Rick Hahn Jr of Mishawaka and Hanna in heat two. Boal was top qualifier with a lap of12.104.

We at the South Bend Motor Speedway would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family of Victor Krontz who suffered a heart attack following a racing accident at the Mottville Speedway on Sunday. Vic was a friend to many of the drivers and staff at SBMS and he will be sorely missed. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

This Saturday will feature the kickoff of U93‘s Roof Sit 2015. There will be a special ride-along for the kids along with a special 50/50 drawing and drivers will donate shirts and other items for a special auction. Also the Glow Mods will make their first appearance at the speedway. These are 1948 and older coupes and coaches that will run a full program along with the Bellman Oil Outlaw Late Models, Kniola Street Stocks, Front Wheel Drive cars and Hornets. Pit gates open at 3 pm with spectator gates swinging open at 5. Qualifying gets underway at 5 as well with racing set to go at 7. Adult admission is just $12 with kids 15 and under admitted free with at least one adult. Seniors receive a $2 discount and pit passes are $30. Bring a friend or bring a neighbor but be sure to join us for some of the best racing around and we will see you at the races.

A Feature:
1) Zach Newgent – South Bend, IN – Neon
2) Richele Wolkens – Niles, MI – Neon
3) Ryan Scott – South Bend, IN – Cavalier
4) Rick Homan – Niles, MI – Accord
5) Paul Fontanelli –  Civic
B Feature:
1) Melissa Keuhs – Hobart, IN – Mazda Protege
2) Chris Bales – New Carlisle, IN – Accord
3) Michael Werntz – South Bend, IN – Celica
Heat 1:
1) Michael Werntz – South Bend, IN – Celica
2) Chris Bales – New Carlisle, IN – Accord
3) Jeff Keller – Elkhart, IN – Toyota Tercel
Heat 2:
1) Bobby Alwine – Bremen, IN – Sunfire
2) Terry Brittain Jr – South Bend, IN – Saturn
3) Zachery Newgent – South Bend, IN – Neon
Heat 3:
1) Richele Wolkens – Niles, MI – Neon
2) Leroy Dick – Granger, IN – Eagle Summit
3) Tim Leslie – New Carlisle, IN – Neon
Heat 4:
1) Ryan Scott – South Bend, IN – Cavalier
2) Paul Fontanelli – LaPorte, IN – Civic
3) Lizzy Wolkens – Niles, MI – Neon
1) Samantha Wolkens – Niles, MI – 15.804
2) Brandon Smith – Plymouth, IN – 15.880
3) Paul Fontanelli – LaPorte, IN – 15.889

Front Wheel Drive:
A Feature:
1) Mike Long – South Bend, IN – Accord
2) Eryn Hartz – South Bend, IN – Neon
3) Sean Stuart – North Liberty, IN – Escort GT
4) Corey Woods – South Bend, IN – Civic
5) Michael Ferrara – Walkerton, IN – Kia Sephia
Heat 1:
1) Eryn Hartz – South Bend, IN – Neon
2) Joe Merill – South Bend, IN – Cavalier
3) David Keuhs – Hobart, IN – Focus
Heat 2:
1) Mike Long – South Bend, IN – Accord
2) Rowdy Ronnie Holaway- South Bend, IN – Corolla
3) Corey Woods – South Bend, IN – Civic
1) Mike Long – South Bend, IN – 14.433
2) Michael Ferrara – Walkerton, IN – 14.617
3) Corey Woods – South Bend, IN – 14. 740

Kniola Street Stocks:
1) Danny Brown Sr – Rolling Prairie, IN – Impala SS
2) Austin Woodcox – LaPorte, IN – Chevelle
3) Kenneth Dodd III – Osceola, IN – Monte Carlo
4) Tim Thurston – Niles, MI – Monte Carlo
5) Matt Maurer – Granger, IN – Monte Carlo
Heat 1:
1) James Haisley – South Bend, IN – Monte Carlo
2) Chad McGinnis – Niles, MI – Monte Carlo
3) Kenneth Dodd – Osceola, IN – Monte Carlo
Heat 2:
1) Gregory Gifford – Michigan City, IN  – Monte Carlo
2) Austin Woodcox – LaPorte, IN – Chevelle
3) Tim Thurston – Niles, MI – Monte Carlo
1) Derek Wunder – South Bend, IN – 13.736
2) Ray Baer – South Bend, IN – 13.739
3) Austin Woodcox – LaPorte, IN – 13.745

Bellman Oil Outlaw Late Models:
1) Charlie Hanna – Goshen, IN
2) Rich Boal – Plymouth, IN
3) Nick Kretchmer – Granger, IN
4) Kenny Lollar Jr – Buchanan, MI
5) Scott Ross – Plymouth, IN
Heat 1:
1) John Streeting Jr – LaPorte, IN
2) Kevin Sauer – Lakeville, IN
3) Nick Kretchmer – Granger, IN
Heat 2:
1) Jacob Maynard – Elkhart, IN
2) Rich Hahn Jr – Mishawaka, IN
3) Charlie Hanna – Goshen, IN
1) Rich Boal – Plymouth, IN – 12.104
2) Charlie Hanna – Goshen, IN – 12.184
3) Jacob Maynard – Elkhart, IN – 12.188

– South Bend Motor Speedway press release

Keuhs, Newgent and Brown Score First Time Wins at South Bend