TERRE HAUTE, IN. — After two weeks of top fives and near misses, Kenny Wallace scored his first Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals win of 2018 Thursday night at Terre Haute Action Track (IN). Wallace took the lead with three laps to go after a side-by-side duel with Ray Bollinger ended with the No. 77 car of Bollinger spinning in turn one while making an attempt to retake the lead from the No. 36 of Wallace.


“I’m excited, man! This is what it’s all about. We battled so hard and I drove so hard. I’m telling you when we hit down there in turn 1 I thought I was done. I was sideways and managed to save it last minute. Ray came over afterward and brought me a beer. I hate it for him, but two guys racing for the win is what it’s all about,” Wallace remarked while meeting with fans following his victory.


“Two guys ready to take each other out for the win. That’s what its all about, man.”


Bollinger ended up 15th after restarting in the tail following his run in with Kenny Wallace in turn 1.


“The track was smooth, fast and fun. We would have liked to race till the last lap. We were running side by side and it was so much of fun. I tried to get in under him going into 1 and got into him and popped a tire. Didn’t mean to but it was one of those things. It was no fault of anyones. It was just racing,” commented a disappointed Bollinger.


“ I just want to look forward to tomorrow and forget about tonight.”


Richie Lex would go on to run 2nd to Kenny Wallace followed by Brian Shaw. Matt Cooper or Mckenzie, TN ran 4th with Rusty Griffaw rounding out the top 5.


Feature Finish: Kenny Wallace, Richie Lex, Brian Shaw, Matt Cooper, Rusty Griffaw, Tyler Weiss, Phil Dixon, Dustin Johnson, Steve Meyer Jr, Steve Stevenson, Kenny Carmichael, Brent Hudson, Josh McDaniel, Darren Krockenberger, Ray Bollinger, Dave Baldwin, Rick Parley, Nate Zimmer, Tres Mehler, RJ Pruitt


-Modified Nationals Press Release

-Photo credit: Dallas Breeze

Kenny Wallace Wins Modified Nationals Thriller at Terre Haute