Bechtelsville, PA – Mike Kellner, the Grandview Speedway 2014 Modified rookie, has been having a rather bleak season experiencing his shares of ups and down. Saturday night the sophomore racer turned the tables on what seems to have become his lucky weekend. Last year Kellner scored his first career T.P.Trailers 358 Modified win on the same weekend after switching over to the Modified class from the Late Model division where he had won 30 features. Kellner became the 10th different Modified feature winner of the season.

The win in the TP Trailers NASCAR Whelen 358 Modified feature sponsored by Henning Trains and Henning Motorsports and broadcast by RCN TV, Allentown didn’t come easy. Kellner had to deal with lapped cars plus his own overheating family owned #57 with five laps to go. “I was worried about the cars catching me, and the overheating problem, but I just held my line and the win feels great,” commented an elated Kellner in victory lane. He also earned extra monetary prizes from T.P. Trailers and the Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie award. A product award was available from VP Racing Fuels if he met their award criteria.

Dave Ogin has come close on numerous occasions to winning a 25-lap BRC NASCAR Late Model feature, but always fell short. The Bechtelsville native was finally able to win his first career feature to become the eighth different winner in the division. He had so many people to thank he extended a huge thank-you to everyone that helps him.

Ryan Lilick went off on a tow truck last week, but after three solid days of everyone pitching in to repair the car, the team was ready to go. He made some daring move along the backstretch for the lead and went on to become the fifth repeat winner in the 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature and 10th different winner.

RCN-TV Night is next up at Grandview with the NASCAR T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stock cars in action on Saturday, August 22nd, 7:30 p.m. RCN has videotaped several Saturday night events for late week showing and have been doing that for a number of years giving the sport and its sponsors a great amount of exposure. In addition Ingersoll Rand will award a $600 IR tool pack to each NASCAR feature winner. The Blast From the Past Vintage Racers will also be in action.

And on Sunday, August 23rd, 1 p.m. the Outlaw Enduro racers will be in action along with the Blast From the Past Vintage Racers.

Modified action saw Kellner, who started on the pole, maintain the lead at the start, but neither Eric Biehn, Mike Laise, Ryan Grim nor Meme DeSantis gave him breathing room.

Grim, having a solid fourth-place run, was hampered with mechanical problems and slowed in turn three for the one and only caution on lap four. It was still Kellner first, but by now Biehn, DeSantis, Kevin Hirthler and Tim Buckwalter were trying to unseat him. Back further Ray Swinehart, Craig Von Dohren and Doug Manmiller were trying to get into the mix.

Within a few laps Kellner had a sizeable margin built up over his fellow competitors, but the distance began to shrink since he had some difficulty getting past some of the slower traffic that were running the high lane he was rather than move over to the inside lane as instructed by the flagman and radio.

Kellner finally cleared Ron Haring Jr. after several attempts, but by this time the rest did too and closed in. He now had to be concerned with them bearing down on him plus other issues.

Kellner was able to overcome all obstacles and pull into the winner’s circle to be the division’s tenth different winner. Biehn’s runner-up finish was his career best at the track. DeSantis, finally had a change of luck for his best finish since the April opener, followed by Von Dohren and Buckwalter. Hirthler, Swinehart, Duane Howard, Manmiller and Jared Umbenhauer were sixth through tenth.

DeSantis, Howard and Von Dohren won the heats. The consolation race went to Kyle Borror.

For the second week in a row Drew Weisser was the early leader in the Late Model feature.

Chuck Schutz, the current point leader, slowed along the backstretch with what appeared to be a driveshaft problem since there were debris on the track that brought out the fifth lap caution when he pulled into the infield. Weisser held the lead when action resumed trailed by Lou Egrie Jr., Kyle Merkel, Ogin and Kory Fleming.

Weisser’s chance of victory went up in smoke as the yellow was thrown on lap 12 relinquishing first to Egrie Jr. By the restart it was a three-way battle for first between Egrie Jr., Ogin and Randy Stoudt.

Ogin overtook the leader on the 15th lap restart needed when Bill Henning spun in turn two.

Another victory also eluded Stoudt when his car suffered mechanical problems and pulled into the infield without causing a yellow.

The top five in the closing laps never changed with Ogin the victor followed by Egrie, Wayne Pfeil, K. Merkel and Sean Merkel. Rounding out the top five were Fleming, Devin Frey, Steve Wilson, Steve Gross and Joe Fanelli.

Heats were won by Stoudt and Weisser.

In Sportsman action Paul Houseknecht led for six laps before Brad Arnold got by him for the lead.

Arnold, in search of his second win, soon had to hold off the challenges of Brad Brightbill with Ryan Lilick, Houseknecht and Jordan Henn waiting for a false move.

Lapped cars allowed Lilick to quickly close in on the front pair and by the 19th circuit it was a three-way battle for first.

Jim Housworth broke on the backstretch and he was able to get off the track without a mishap. With everyone bunched up Lilick took advantage of this and made a bold move to pass Brightbill and Arnold to become the new leader.

Despite more restarts Lilick never surrendered the lead and went on to another victory. Brightbill hung on for second followed by Arnold, Houseknecht and Henn. Completing the top ten were Brandon Whitmoyer, Brian Hirthler, Ryan Beltz, Craig Whitmoyer and Kenny Gilmore. There have been 10 different feature winners this season in the Sportsman division.

Heat winners were Brett Kressley, Houseknecht, and Mark Kemmerer. C. Whitmoyer won the consi.


Henning Trains/Henning Motorsports Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Mike Kellner, 2. Eric Biehn, 3. Meme DeSantis, 4. Craig Von Dohren, 5. Tim Buckwalter, 6. Kevin Hirthler, 7. Ray Swinehart, 8. Duane Howard, 9. Doug Manmiller, 10. Jared Umbenhauer, 11. Jeff Strunk, 12. Glenn Strunk, 13. Danny Erb, 14. Mike Laise, 15. Ryan Watt, 16. John Willman, 17. Don Norris Jr., 18. Kyle Borror, 19. Mike Gular, 20. Todd smith, 21. Brian Houseknecht, 22. Jamie Speers, 23. Ron Haring Jr., 24. Tad Cox, 25. Nate Christman, 26. Ron Seltmann Jr., 27. Ryan Grim. DNS: Mark Kratz. DNQ: Glenn Owens, Chris Gambler, and Bobby Gunther-Walsh.

Henning Trains/Henning Motorsports BRC NASCAR Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Dave Ogin, 2. Lou Egrie Jr., 3. Wayne Pfeil, 4. Kyle Merkel, 5. Sean Merkel, 6. Kory Fleming, 7. Devin Frey, 8. Steve Wilson, 9. Steve Gross, 10. Joe Fanelli, 11. Dirk Rimrott, 12. Cory Merkel, 13. Dan Green, 14. Randy Stoudt, 15. Bill Henning, 16. Drew Weisser, 17. Rick Todorow, 18. Shawn Horning, 19. Chuck Schutz.

Henning Trains/Henning Motorsports NASCAR Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Kyle Lilick, 2. Brad Brightbill, 3. Brad Arnold, 4. Paul Houseknecht, 5. Jordan Henn, 6. Brandon Whitmoyer, 7. Brian Hirthler, 8. Ryan Beltz, 9. Craig Whitmoyer, 10. Kenny Gilmore, 11. Brett Gilmore, 12. Joe Funk III, 13. Brett Kressley, 14. Jason Neidlinger, 15. Erik Renninger, 16. Lex Shive, 17. Ray Woodall Jr., 18. Kyle Lilick, 19. Paul Kline, 20. Ryan Shupp, 21. Mark Kemmerer, 22. Jim Housworth, 23. Steve Young, 24. Mike Lisowski.



* denotes feature win (Feature wins listed are only those that are

NASCAR point events.)

1. Craig VonDohren, Oley, PA  #1C 4437***

2. Duane Howard, Oley, PA #66 4331***

3. Doug Manmiller, Shoemakersville, PA #00 4021

4. Jeff Strunk,  Pottstown, PA  #88 3905**

5. Danny Erb, Boyertown, PA  #44 3488*

6. Jared Umbenhauer, Richland, PA  #5/11 3223

7. Mike Gular, Green Lane, PA #53/2 3191

8. Don Norris, Douglassville, PA  #976 3122

9. Frank Cozze, Wind Gap, PA  #357/19 2997

10. Tim Buckwalter, Douglassville, PA  #22 2970

11. John Willman, Birdsboro, PA  #74W 2956

12. Ray Swinehart, Perkiomenville, PA  #33 2899*

13. Glenn Strunk, Bechtelsville, PA  #41 2884

14. Kevin Hirthler,  Boyertown, PA  #117 2754***

15. Meme DeSantis, Temple, PA  #357 2741

16. Kyle Borror,  Peach Bottom, PA  #B4 2431

17. Nate Christman, Oley, PA  #37 2390

18. Kyle Weiss, Hamburg, PA  #21K 2351*

19. Ryan Grim, Laury’s Station, PA #17 2332*

20. Eric Biehn, Bechtelsville, PA  #87 2213

21. Mike Kellner, Lansdale, PA #A1/57 2203*

22. Brian Houseknecht, Bechtelsville, PA  #323 2124

23. Jarred Miller, Barto, PA  #917 1749

24. Todd Smith, Hatfield, PA  #39 1669

25. Ryan Wyatt, Boyertown, PA  #14W 1441

26. Mike Bailey, Kutztown, PA  #81 1403

27. Mike Laise, Pottstown, PA #15 1365

28. Ron Seltmann, Lower Pottsgrove,  #R19 1260*

29. Bobby Gunther Walsh, Allentown, PA  #1 1219

30. Ryan Kunkle, Fleetwood, PA  #77K 952


1. Chuck Schutz, Pottstown, PA  #1 3857****

2. Sean Merkel, Boyertown, PA  #118 3540*

3. Wayne Pfeil, Mohnton, PA  #72 3479**

4. Dave Ogin, Bechtelsville, PA  #31/8M 3256*

5. Kory Fleming, Milford, NJ  #704 3158**

6. Dan Green, Coatesville, PA  #46 3122

7. Joe Fanelli, Exton, PA #22 3065

8. Rick Todorow, Quakertown, PA #93 3056

9. Cory Merkel, Gilbertsville, PA  #16 2777*

10. Lou Egrie Jr., Willow Grove, PA  #4E 2762

11. Randy Stoudt,  Pottstown, PA  #5/10 2280****

12. Bill Henning, Lansdale, PA  #80 2253

13. Steve Gross, West Chester, PA  #62 2210

14. Steve Wilson, Green Lane, PA #15 1896

15. Kyle Merkel, Boyertown, PA  #00 1682

16. John Giesler, Aston, PA  #ZT1 1384

17. Shawn Horning, Blandon, PA  #8M 1084

18. Devin Frey, Myerstown, PA  #F62 1062

19. Lou Egrie Sr., Willow Grove, PA  #X4 767*

20. Buddy Mertz, Boyertown, PA  #00 747



1. Brett Kressley, Orefield, PA #19K 3517****

2. Kenny Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA  #7 3314**

3. Craig Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA  #99 3173

4. Jordan Henn, Kutztown, PA  #77H 3049

5. Brian Hirthler, Green Lane, PA  #4* 2904

6. Brett Gilmore, Fleetwood, PA  #00 2894*

7. Mike Lisowski,  Minersville, PA  #15 2730**

8. Brad Arnold,  Kenhorst, PA  #830 2721*

9. Ryan Lilick, Collegeville, PA  #142 2658**

10. Jim Housworth, Reigelsville, PA  #72 2554

11. Erik Renninger, Bridgewater, NJ  #51 2457

12. Ryan Beltz, Barto, PA  #221 2190

13. Jason Neidlinger,  Schuylkill Haven, PA  #88X 2020

14. Brandon Whitmoyer, Hamburg, PA  #25 1756

15. Ken Eckert, Orwigsburg, PA #29 1755

16. Kyle Lilick, Collegeville, PA   #104 1738

17. Joe Funk, Coopersburg, PA  #14J 1561

18. Dean Bachman, Emmaus, PA  #65 1559

19. Paul Houseknecht, Bechtelsville, PA  #25 1285

20. Jeff Sechrist,  Robesonia, PA  #29G 1344*

Also Feature Winners:  Paul Kline (2), Mark Kemmerer (1), Sean Weiss (1)

-Grandview Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Grandview Speedway

Kellner Scores First Career Modified Win at Grandview