Below is a statement provided by the Kulwicki Driver Development Program, in which both Reagan May and Ty Majeski are competitors, pertaining to the penalties levied by the TUNDRA Super Late Model series to both drivers for their incidents on September 7 at Golden Sands Speedway (WI).  Subscribers to the 51 Network can see what happened between the two drivers in the following video clips:


VIDEO: May and Majeski Stir Up TUNDRA Controversy

VIDEO: TUNDRA Highlights from Golden Sands

May, Majeski Penalty Notice from TUNDRA Officials




“After completing our own investigation into the incidents that occurred in the Sept. 7 TUNDRA Series race in Plover, Wis., we fully support the actions the organization’s officials have taken today,” said Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP) executive director Tom Roberts.  “Reagan made a bad decision on the track which negatively impacted an innocent competitor and jeopardized the safety of all the other drivers.  She should be held accountable for her actions and we feel the penalty handed down by the TUNDRA officials is just in considering all the circumstances.


“Reagan has been exemplary in representing our organization this season and we are convinced that what occurred at Golden Sands Speedway is an isolated occurrence that will not happen again.


“We do not plan on any further action regarding this matter,” Roberts said.  “Our advisory board members will re-evaluate our seven drivers next month and update our Kulwicki Cup point standings accordingly.”

KDDP Statement on Penalties Handed Down by TUNDRA