Kalamazoo Champion Starting Title Defense at Intimidator 100

Adam Terry had a magical season in 2019 at Kalamazoo Speedway, that was bookended by two of his biggest accomplishments to date.  He started off the season by winning the Intimidator 100 in April and ended the season with his first Outlaw Super Late Model track championship at the 3/8-mile oval.


Two-plus months after the season was scheduled to begin, Terry returns to Kalamazoo to defend his Intimidator 100 and begin his reign as track champion.  He looks to become the sixth driver to win multiple Intimidators, of which three of the previous five drivers to do so have won back-to-back races.


This year’s event helps lead into the Kalamazoo Klash, the biggest event in the country for Outlaw Super Late Models.


“I think it’s going to be great, it’s always a big one for the Outlaws.  It’s one that all the Outlaw guys have on their schedule that they want to get to.  I think this year you’ll see a big event,” Terry said on Speed51’s “The Bullring.”  “It’s certainly highlighted on our schedule, we’ve looking forward to getting there after finishing second last year and having a shot to win.  We want to get that redemption and pick that one up.”


While the Intimidator 100 is normally held in April under cool temperatures, this year’s event takes place three and a half weeks before the Klash, with temperatures expected to climb into the mid-90’s on Friday.  While the two races can be drastically different in other years, Terry says the two races will be more similar than ever.


“It’s a big event at the same track, same tires.  Those are some of the similarities.  This year they’re going to be a whole lot closer as far as the weather goes, this might be a little bit better of a tune-up race for us for the Klash.  Again, those big highlighted events at Kalamazoo Speedway are always good, the Outlaw cars always put on a good show.


“Unfortunately, we don’t get to travel the country like the template guys do and go race every state if we wanted, but we’ve got some big events around here and some great tracks in the Midwest that do put on Outlaw shows.”


With body debates having gone on for several years now in the template Late Model world, Outlaw racing has seen very little rules on bodies throughout the years.  The open rules with the wedge bodies creates a whole different kind of racing at tracks throughout the Midwest.


“We get to be creative on the bodies, we get to do what we think is the right thing, add downforce, add sideforce, over the template cars.  They do have an increased grip level because of that,” he said.  “I don’t have a whole lot of template experience, but the experience I do have at Kalamazoo and Berlin, there’s definitely a difference on the grip level and the forces.  The Outlaw stuff’s fun, you can sail it off in the corner and it typically sticks and you get to push the edge a little more there.”


Terry put his name on a list of drivers that include Andy Bozell, Denny Nyari, Fred Campbell, and Bob Senneker as Kalamazoo Speedway track champions.  He entered the season finale 13 points back of Doug True, with the points lead swapping five times just in group qualifying.  Terry finished fourth in the Hoosier 100, taking the track championship by just five points over Rick Senneker.


It was an accomplishment he won’t soon forget.  His brother Gary raced weekly at Kalamazoo for several years, winning multiple races in what was one of the most competitive time periods in the track’s history.


The elder Terry passed away in 2015, but Adam carries his brother’s memory with him anytime he gets behind the wheel with the phrase “Follow Your Dreams” on the back panel of his No. 4 Outlaw Super Late Model.


“My brother was my hero.  He won a lot of races in the time he wheeled.  I try to mimic him some and be smooth and consistent.  You watch Andy (Bozell) and he always finesses.  You watch those guys not tear up stuff typically so they’re there at the end when it matters.  You try to put that together more and make sure you’re there when it matters at the end of the races.”


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Kalamazoo Champion Starting Title Defense at Intimidator 100