KALAMAZOO, MI — On Friday Night, May 6th, Kalamazoo Speedway will be hosting an appreciation night for our weekly drivers’ sponsors whose business names are displayed on their cars. We will be giving away 8 tickets to the top 4 sponsors that support each of our drivers. This will be a neat program for weekly race teams to have Kalamazoo Speedway send 4 of your sponsors’ $100 worth of tickets to the May 6th event. With over 100 weekly cars and 4 sponsors per car, we are offering drivers and teams nearly $40,000 of free tickets for this single event. Say thank you to your sponsors and show them that you appreciate what they do for you. Only sponsors displayed on the race vehicle are eligible to receive the tickets.


-Kalamazoo Speedway Press Release

-Photo Credit: Kalamazoo Speedway

Kalamazoo Announces Plans for Drivers’ Sponsor Night