Columbus, OH – Nine times out of ten it is not a good thing when a third place driver who battled the entire race with the eventual winner is seen running full speed toward victory lane. That’s exactly what happened Saturday night at Columbus Motor Speedway when Bobby Justus was celebrating his first NASCAR Whelen All American Series feature win since 2013. The jubilant winner looked up and it was Kyle Jones sprinting across the tracks infield towards him but he knew it was all good.  Justus had recently hired the current late model point leader to improve the performance on his Woody Fox Bail Bonds late model and Jones was rushing to congratulate the veteran.
Logan Runyon and Justus led the field to the green flag with the eventual winner taking control. Jones started third and gave chase in the early stages but it was Donnie Hill on the move. Pulling into the outside lane he swept past Jones as lap-8 went up on the NASCAR scoreboard and went after Justus for the lead. With a side-by-side battle for the point, Cody Robinson was also getting busy. Starting seventh, he was up to third as Hill completed the pass for the lead and began to pull away but Hill’s evening ended on lap-12 when the rear trailing arm failed on his mount. He pulled off into the infield as Justus re-assumed the point ahead of Jones and Robinson who were locked in a heated dual on the leader’s rear bumper. Robinson eventually disposed of Jones and pulled alongside of Justus for the win. Battling through the final four circuits it was Justus by a half car length at the checkered. Robinson, Jones, fast qualifier Chad Pendleton and Fleming rounded out the top five. Pendleton’s quick time and feature finished allowed him to close to within 6-points (1,208-1,202) of Jones in the track title battle. With four events remaining Robinson and Hill are not out of the running trailing Jones by 21 and 49 points, respectively.
Kyle Purvis bested a stellar field of Columbus modifieds in an exciting 30-lap open wheel event. Purvis started ninth and maneuvered his way through the field with precision to secure the top spot at the races mid-point. Fast qualifier Shane Shirk was second at the stripe ahead of Chad Pendleton, Ethan Mullet and Terry Humphrey. Purvis now leads Shirk in the title hunt by 73 markers (1,283-1,210). With the victory Purvis will presumably maintain the top spot in the Div. II NASCAR National Point Standings when they’re revealed this week.
George Lindsay secured another victory in sport stock competition outrunning Kenny Simpson, Steve Karnes, Ralph Vinson and Bruce Holmes. Lindsay continues to stretch his advantage in the sport stock division and barring a major collapse looks to be the odds on favorite to claim another championship.
Corey Kyer collected his first crazy compact feature win of 2015 in a substitute role. Filling in for Devin Stansbury, who suffered an arm injury mid-week, swept past Shawn Vansickle with two laps remaining and never looked back. Michael Robison was third at the stripe followed by Gwen Walsh and David Shull. Ryan Smith was caught up in an accident finishing fifteenth but with closest pursuers Stansbury out and Ryan Tamburro caught up in the same incident, Smith maintained his stranglehold on the points lead. Time will tell if he will remain the NASCAR National Div. IV Points lead upon their release this week
Jay Yorde survived one of the wildest School Bus Figure 8 races ever to claim victory. The 12-lap affair was punctuated by two red flag periods to remove flipped buses from the race course.
Late Model
Fast Time: Chad Pendleton 14.299
Dash: 1) Ryan Fleming 2) Cody Robinson 3) Kyle Purvis 4) Chad Pendleton
Heat:  1) Josh Cahill 2) Howard Muncy 3) Robby Jacks 4) Bill Cantley 5) Eddie Vallette
Heat:  1) Donald Parsons 2) Daryl McKay 3) Logan Runyon 4) Bobby Justus 5) Kyle Jones
Feature:  1) Bobby Justus 2) Cody Robinson 3) Kyle Jones 4) Chad Pendleton 5) Ryan Fleming
            6) Daryl McKay 7) Donald Parsons 8) Bill Cantley 9) Robby Jacks 10) Arlis Williams
            11) Howard Munch 12) Logan Runyon 13) Donnie Hill 14) Josh Cahill 15) Kyle Purvis
            16) Burgess White 17) Eddie Vallette
Columbus Modifieds
Fast Time: Shane Shirk 14.365
Dash:  1) Buddy Townsend 2) Kyle Purvis 3) Chad Pendleton 4) Shane Shirk
Heat:  1) Kevin Doran 2) Marc Life 3) Andy Shutts 4) Jeremy Menninger 5) Dirk Thomas
Heat:  1) Josh Kempf 2) Ethan Mullet 3) Shawn Gray 4) Brian Whetnall 5) Terry Humphrey
Feature:  1) Kyle Purvis 2) Shane Shirk 3) Chad Pendleton 4) Ethan Mullet 5) Terry Humphrey
            6) Shawn Gray 7) Buddy Townsend 8) Brian Whetnall 9) Kevin Doran
10) Greg Blackburn 11) Jeremy Menninger 12) John Donovan 13) Andy Shutts
14) Josh Kempf 15) Gary Zink 16) Marc Life 17) Dirk Thomas 18) Richie Jones
Sport Stock
Fast Time: George Lindsay 15.809
Heat: 1) Chris Meier 2) Bruce Holmes 3) Ralph Vinson 4) Kenny Simpson 5) Phil Gussler Jr.
Feature:  1) George Lindsay 2) Kenny Simpson 3) Steve Karnes 4) Ralph Vinson
5) Bruce Holmes 6) Chris Meier 7) Bruce Snider
Crazy Compact
Fast Time:  Cory Kyer 16.964
Feature:  1) Cory Kyer 2) Shawn Vansickle 3) Michael Robison 4) Gwen Walsh 5) David Shull
            6) Danielle Brown 7) Robb Gibson 8) Billy Ramey 9) Chris Carter 10) John Heslop
            11) Frank Hreha 12) Trey Gregory 13) Herman Dauge 14) Ryan Tamburro
15) Ryan Smith 16) Jimmy Devuono 17) Eddie Smith
School Bus Figure Eight (Top-5)
1)      #8, Jay Yorde  2) #7, Gene Skaggs 3) #3, Troy Beasy 4) #1, Ron Crabtree
      5) #6, Jim Bowen
-Columbus Motor Speedway Press Release.  Photo Credit: Columbus Motor Speedway


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