Julia Landauer made history once again on Saturday night, becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Limited Late Model championship at Motor Mile Speedway! Landauer entered the night a mere 2 points ahead of second place and managed to drive her #70 Intellidact/Computing System Innovations LPP racecar to 3rd place, clinching the championship by 10 points.

“It is so incredible to be able to win the championship!” Landauer exclaimed. “We’ve exceeded our own expectations as a team and I couldn’t be more proud and excited!”

Landauer had to start the race in 6th due to winning the last two races, which is a track-imposed handicap. After slight contact with the outside wall on the first lap, Landauer climbed her way up to 3rd place. With the big picture of a championship in mind, crew chief Matt Taylor and Landauer decided to be defensive and remain in 3rd. By doing so, Landauer avoided any unnecessary incidents with the leaders, who were battling hard for the win.

A 3rd place finish was enough for Landauer to become the first woman to secure the championship in the Limited division. Landauer was also the first woman to win a race in the Limited division at Motor Mile, was the first woman to qualify on pole in that division, and was the first woman to ever lead the championship points in that division.

As to the cultural significance of being the first woman to accomplish all that?

“Hopefully it shows that many more women can do it too,” Landauer said. “I want to see more women racing and winning.”

This season wouldn’t have happened without the help and support of a lot of people, who Landauer would like to personally acknowledge.

“Many thanks to my family and everyone at Julia Landauer Racing for sticking with me since Day 1. Lee Pulliam, Matt Taylor, Courtney Crosby, and everyone at Lee Pulliam Performance treated me like any other racer, gave me great equipment, and coached me very well; I’m lucky to have been a part of a great team. Thank youDon Kowalsky for a wicked-fast engine and Jay Hedgecock for a chassis that moved exactly how I wanted. Thank you Mincey’s Graphics for making Darth Vader look super sporty all season. Special thanks to our partners this season, Intellidact with Computing System Innovations, the Institute for Career Advancement Needs, and Girls Who Code. Thank you everyone who became part of #TeamJulia on IndieGoGo. And thank you to all of my fans for your continued support and encouragement!”

Team PR – Speed51.com photo

Julia Landauer Takes Championship in Limited Late Models at Motor Mile