Mooresville, NC- JRi Shocks has established a network of Dealers and has enhanced the in-house training
program and certification on the installation of all JRi Harley Davidson Suspension products, including JRi
rear shocks and JRi fork cartridges. Dealers participating in this program undergo two-days of seminars,
hands-on training on the manufacturing floor and skills testing. Before certification is awarded, dealers
must also acknowledge that their facility includes a workshop area with a motorcycle lift, an on-staff
experienced mechanic and JRi recommended shock tools.


“We felt that a JRi Certified Dealer Program would ensure that customers receive global product service and a support network from factory certified technicians no matter where they are located geographically,” states Bryan McClure, JRi Shocks Powersports Market Manager. “This offers our customers a degree of installation excellence that is not offered by our competitors.”


Currently there are six JRi Certified Dealers across the United States where consumers may have JRi
Harley Davidson Suspension products installed. Dealers looking to join the JRi Certified Dealer Program
may call 704-660-8346 or email [email protected]m. Once certified, they will be added to the JRi
Certified Dealer locator on JRi Shocks website,


To learn more about the JRi Harley Davidson Suspension products, including JRi rear shocks and JRi fork
cartridges, please visit our website at


About JRi Shocks:
Manufacturers of high performance shock absorbers; JRi Shocks was founded in 2007 by Jeff Ryan, one
of the most legendary shock innovators in motorsports. Today JRi is known for being on the cutting edge
of technological advancements in the shock and suspension industry. JRi offers shock systems into all
vehicle platforms, including but not limited to Drag Racing, Motorcycle, Off-Road, Road Racing, Short
Track Racing, Stock Car Racing, Street Performance, OEM needs, other transportation platforms such as
planes, boats and trains, bio-mechanical/cyborg devices as well as numerous applications within the
defense/Military sector. Discover the Advantage of JRi Shocks at .


-JRi Shocks Press Release

JRi Shocks Launches HD Suspension Certified Dealer Program